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Stories by Emma Goldman

Organic dream

I couldn’t believe the sunshine, 75 degrees, a soft wind playing over my skin. My husband and I grinned as we made our way from where we’d parked our car on Narragansett Avenue to Ranchos ...

New Riffs

La Casita Mexican Diner has a new owner offering new riffs on Mexican food.

Juicy Char

Kabob House kicks the campground-grub blues.

Beer and Barbeque, in That Order

Go gobble on the mountain — a revisit to Julian’s Bailey Wood Pit Barbeque.

Zelda's Place

The waiter at Street Side Thai Kitchen set the Garden Fish ($19.95) down in the middle of the table. A crispy orb peeked from beneath a fringe of cilantro. Freshly sliced tomatoes lined one side ...

Made for You and Me

Alforon offers a warm bit of heaven.

A drive down El Cajon Boulevard leads to Alforon, the said-to-be “amazing” Lebanese restaurant. No disappointments there.

Saucy Since 1967

The first North Park Little League team meeting of the new season had ended at Morley Field, and we were starving. “Mom! Tonight’s the fundraiser for my school at Paesano’s. Can we go there?” I ...

Mean Beans

As a longtime San Diego resident, I’ve often been puzzled as to why, in a city full of amazing Mexican food stands, anyone would go to Taco Bell or Jack in the Box. Why order ...

Tots on the Side at Tobey's 19th Hole

The sun glinted off oak trees. Golf carts waddled down the fairway. A dry, light breeze signaled an impending Santa Ana. I gazed upon this glorious scene, sipping Stella Artois, happy to be alive and ...

Burrito Especial

At this Five Points hot spot, hefty helpings of flavorful carne asada and shrimp are packed into flour tortillas like a past-his-prime wrestler into fluorescent pink Spandex. It’s a fitting analogy for a venue that ...

San Diego Pizza Places

The younger sibling of the larger Arrivederci Ristorante a few doors down specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza. Sidewalk seating gives diners a front-row view of Hillcrest happenings. Servers are likely to speak Italian, and the low ...

Slow Food Fast

We were late heading out the door and needed to pick up dinner on the way to our friends Chuck and Rita’s house to watch the Raiders on Monday Night Football (yes, dear readers, Emma ...

Golden Hill's Counterpoint

My friend Audrey and I hadn’t been in touch of late and finally settled on a time to catch up. “Where shall we meet?” she asked. “I really just want to hang out but also ...

Catch the Drips at Mama's Lebanese

In our pre-kid life, my husband and I spent a lot of time crashing on our friends’ hardwood floor in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. We would roam around the city all day and recover at ...

Rather Than a Riff: Golden Hill Cafe

Many years ago, my friend lived on 23rd Street, so we would occasionally meet for breakfast at a diner at 25th Street and C. Officially, the place is known as the Golden Hills Coffee Shop, ...

Jimmy Carter's Has Soul on the Menu

A couple of weeks ago, my husband came back from a work trip and we decided to grab something to eat at Barrio Star, the newish restaurant in Banker’s Hill purveying “Mexican Soul Food.” As ...

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