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Stories by Eleanor Widmer

I plowed through The Interpretation of Dreams when I was 14

My adult card

I read my first novel at the age of seven, after which the printed word became my obsession. In the ghetto where we lived, the public library was endowed by Andrew Carnegie; to get to ...

Eleanor Widmer finds a late-night restaurant where she can sing

“Dark Eyes,” “Ofen Pripichu," “Rayte Pomerantzen"

I don’t know whether insomnia is programmed in the DNA, but my grandmother, my father, and I all had sleeping problems. From earliest childhood, say by the age of five, I would wake in the ...

Reader writers: the story I wanted to write... but didn't

“Maybe an animal story”

Sandy and a girlfriend had gone into a liquor store, robbed the clerk, They locked the clerk in a walk-in cooler. Sandy started feeling bad about the guy. She went back and let him out.

Frederick's in Solana Beach – entrees are the glory

After the bucket

Late the other afternoon, I was walking my dog down what should have been a deserted street when I saw a pickup truck filled with teen-agers advancing. The road was officially closed because of damage ...

San Diego restaurants, 1980

I find New Year's Eve one of the most depressing nights of the year. So much emphasis is placed on forced gaiety, on the ritual of seeing the old year out, on sentimentality; it's more ...

1979: San Diego's year in review

Rape of the Earth Medal of Dishonor The year's most infamous award goes to the voters of San Diego, a majority of whom agreed to exchange 39 acres of prime canyonland in Balboa Park for ...

Encounters With Carl Rogers

The patriarch of the Me Generation feels just fine

Everyone in the room was divorced or separated, except for one woman who explained how and why she and her husband didn't communicate. The man on the floor said he liked her and felt good about her.

John Vietor, founder of San Diego Magazine

Mr. Jello will see you now

“It has been brought to my attention by numerous friends that in the November issue there was scant mention of my contribution to San Diego Magazine

The cooks behind Georgia's and L'Escargot plus Art Bolic

Chef salad

My grandmother’s restaurant, Manya’s, failed in New York during the Depression. She had to contend not only with the economic disaster that beset most diners, but with the rise of cafeterias where those with money ...

Estrangement of Michael Copley from the San Diego Union-Tribune's Helen Copley

Slow fall from Foxhill

On the days when the family station wagon wasn't available, he was deposited at the first grade in Miss Balmer's School (later named La Jolla Country Day) by a chauffeur driving a Cadillac limousine. As ...

1977 San Diego guide to restaurants with a view

Mr. A's, Anthony's, Bali Hai, Top of the Cove, Marine Room, La Valencia, Chart House

Physically, San Diego is one of the most glamorous cities in the country. Landscapes and seascapes abound, and thanks to the absence of traditional seasons, we rarely have to fear that the fickle elements will ...

The 1962 Tropic of Cancer trial in San Diego - and its aftermath

Another Miller’s Tale

I had to defend all the notorious passages. Suddenly, Gutfleisch switched to yet another attack: “Would you allow your son to read such stuff?” I shot back, “How can he when he’s only six years old?"

1976 San Diego guide to elegant restaurants

Anthony's, Westgate, Grant GRill, Mr. A's, La Costa

Poshness in restaurants depends on all-over elegance: in the preparation of the food and the attitude of the menu; in the presentation of the food and wine, that is, the service; and in the physical ...

1974 San Diego guide to moderately cheap eats

Tijuana to Carlsbad

This guide is intended to stimulate your curiosity as well as your taste buds. In geographical area, it ranges from Tijuana to Carlsbad: in experience, from a two table dining room to a “factory”, and ...

1974 San Diego guide to restaurant reviews

Eleanor Widmer makes debut

The Paprika “Think of Hungarian cuisine and you think of sour cream, soups, and liquid-plenty stews, more ways of cooking cabbage than anyone could think possible, and dumplings, and hot noodle desserts, and light fairy-fragile ...

Let’s Be Friends

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