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TEDx to take heat in desert symposium

Joshua Tree will host conversations about the "infotainment" giant's policies.

In a recent TEDx talk in La Jolla, UCSD professor Benjamin Bratton criticized the popular, worldwide forum’s integrity, garnering the attention of publications such as Slate, Gawker, and Huffington Post. Bratton asserts that TEDx has ...

Country clubbin’

“It had become too macho and hyper-misogynistic and just seemed like it was more about who could be the toughest in the pit while having the cutest haircut and who could hate their ex-girlfriend the ...

Local Maker Movement

There is a growing community comprised of electronics enthusiasts, tinkerers, artists, and even entrepreneurs who gravitate towards Make Magazine, where Do-It-Yourself projects are shared online in a step-by-step format. In addition to a growing internet ...

Old new media

“The open-source movement and creative-commons licensing have been central to my ongoing learning and creative practice,” says computer-music grad student, educator, and do-it-yourself instrument designer Brendan Gaffney. Open-source software and creative-commons licenses offer alternative approaches ...


Interview with musician/author/publisher Zack Wentz about his (Charles) Book&Record project.

Random Music Box

UCSD professor/inventor Tom Erbe to perform “Williams Mix” in honor of John Cage’s 100th birthday.

DJ Mark E. Quark Confesses to Spending Time in the Naked Castle

DJ Mark E. Quark recalls Len Paul, owner of Soma, telling him things such as “Play more industrial,” and “You’re playing too much of that techno shit.” Quark admits he pretty much ignored the suggestions, ...

Rock Your Dome

Classic rock blasting through the 16,000-watt surround-sound system, psychedelic eye candy filling the 76-foot dome, and Rock 101.5 KGB’s Coe Lewis guiding the cosmic voyage — this was the scene at the premiere of Rock ...

Hanging Up the Hide

“All Leather is no longer a band. No last show, no reunions, no final record,” decrees Nathan Joyner, guitarist of the now disbanded All Leather. With drummer Jung Sing living in Mexicali and synthesizer player ...

Let’s Be Friends

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