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Peter Navarro pushed aside at White House, says Politico

"With Bannon gone, they look at their watch when he talks."

As President Trump's chief of staff John Kelly has imposed discipline on the White House, former San Diegan Peter Navarro is losing his power, says an article in Politico dated Monday, September 18. "Navarro has ...

Lest we be lost in the long black night

Gamma Rays at Cygnet Theatre

On account of inexcusable ignorance, I initially thought that Cygnet Theatre had produced a contemporary drama with Paul Zindel’s The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. To my ear, the title fit a short ...

We'll always ride with Emilio

Rady Children's chemo patients get some solace

Emilio Nares was three years old the first time he went to Rady Children’s. He had just started preschool and had come down with something. At first, his parents, Richard and Diane, thought it was ...

Benjamin Franklin's notion of good works

Letter to Joseph Huey

I can only show my Gratitude for those Mercies from God, by a Readiness to help his other Children and my Brethren. For I do not think that Thanks, and Compliments, tho’ repeated Weekly, can ...

Will make anyone who didn’t go to community college glad of it

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Community

Neil Patrick Harris, in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, is at his finest as a villain you almost have to root for. His musically inclined attempt at trying simultaneously to woo the girl and join a ...

Chris Daniels, plugged in since 1969

"For someone most people have never heard of, I’ve had a lot of opportunities."

“When I graduated, I got lucky with a road trip that paid me for the tour,” says the frontman of the Chris Daniels Project, who grew up in Mission Hills and went straight from graduating ...

Coming-of-age sci-fi and over-the-top action

The Last Starfighter and Commando

The Last Starfighter is an ’80s coming-of-age sci-fi adventure clearly made to cash in on Star Wars’ success. This movie was an early pioneer in computer-generated spaceship battles. What makes it such a great movie ...

Like councilman, like aide

Vivian Moreno follows Alvarez collecting developer, marijuana money

The hand-picked would-be successor to termed-out Eighth District San Diego city councilman David Alvarez, who is currently raising money for a county board of supervisors race in 2020, has been faring well in the big-money ...

Behind the ventriloquist heavy metal drummer

Little Italy marketing guy gets his act to the Brick

Although it’s not immediately clear to some, those “Funner, California” commercials are actually promoting Harrah’s Casino in Valley Center. “They actually changed the name of the property where the casino sits to ‘Funner,’” explains videographer/editor ...

A Boston Marathon bombing victim's story

Stronger's director David Gordon Green

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman, but don’t expect the Lifetime Channel. Stronger invites audiences to cast aside all fear of drippy sentiment in tight closeup. This tale of an ordinary ...

Toadies unzip the bodybag

Play Belly Up Saturday with Local H

“The band never went all the way away.” Vaden Todd Lewis would know. As one of the Fort Worth band’s founding members, he is also one of its survivors. The band broke out in 1994 ...

Be careful near the monument — often home to a beehive.

Arroyo Seco Loop off Highway 79

Wide sweeping views? Check. An aircraft engine from the 1920s? Check. Bedrock morteros at a peaceful backcountry trail camp? Check. This loop hike includes the entire length of Airplane Ridge, breezes by interesting rock formations, ...

Ultimate irony: indoor playgrounds in San Diego

For those whose lives are only about fun and games

I used to go to indoor play parks only when it rained. Now I go when it’s over 100 degrees as well. At this time of year, it could be either. “We are an indoor ...

Famous locals and other upcoming shows

Jason Mraz, Black Heart Procession, Off with Their Heads, Jesse Royal, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

On October 14, famous former neighbor Jason Mraz returns to the town where he launched his platinum music career, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his debut full-length, Waiting For My Rocket to Come, at ...

I really wanted to use a live cat

Director Charlie Bean gives background of Lego Ninjago Movie

At the Lego Ninjago Movie press conference held last week at Legoland Carlsbad, a child asked the film’s assembled cast and crew, “What happened to the cat?” The tot was referring to the monstrous beast ...

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