Imperial Valley Stories

How San Diego beekeepers deal with the African strain upon us

You have to learn how to put the drone semen in the queen

I love honey. I love honey! Like the bears. All day long my coffee has honey instead of sugar. My cereal has honey. My toast, honey on it. Always honey." David Rojas of San Marcos ...

Inventor Tackles Salton Sea Disaster

How it works is an industrial secret, say the founders of Aqua Genesis LLC, a San Diego company that intends to clean up the Salton Sea and in the process make thousands of acre-feet (one ...

Best of 2003: Best Scary Weekend Getaway

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area, Imperial County 760-337-4400 San Diegans have visited this remarkable stretch of desert for decades. On weekends between October and May, tens of thousands of off-road enthusiasts thunder across these barren ...

Imperial Valley Floods, 1905-'07

The worst wasn’t the water but the snarls of debris it carried.

In what became the “battle of the telegrams,” E.H. Harriman, president of Southern Pacific Railroad and funder of earlier efforts, and President Theodore Roosevelt haggled about who should finance the operation.

Prehistoric Gas Station an Eyesore?

Imperial County takes on Miller's Garage outside of Ocotillo.

The demolition order stated that the buildings on the site would be razed unless they were brought up to compliance. "It was dated December 2. Our meeting had been on December 3.”

Sandy Valley Showdown

Perhaps because it started as Physicians Insurance Company of Ohio and still reports to shareholders as an insurance business, PICO Holdings of La Jolla doesn't like to answer questions about water-resources development. The firm refers ...

Best of 2001: Best Seaside Property Values

Desert Shores, off Highway 86, Imperial County Diversified Realty and Investments 800-385-1040 Let's compare: size of Pacific Ocean: 69,000,000 square miles. Price of houses overlooking Pacific Ocean: humongous. Size of Salton Sea? 525 square miles. ...

Hunt for obsidian and view volcanic mud pots near the Salton Sea

About as fast as toenails grow, the Imperial Valley continues to widen in an east-west direction. As fast as fingernails grow, Imperial Valley's west side shudders northwestward relative to territory farther east and north. The ...

If You Don't Run You Don't Get Hit

Have you ever seen the men standing outside Home Depot looking for work? The Spanish-speaking men in baseball hats who are brave enough, or desperate enough, to get into any car that pulls up? Men ...

Best of 2000: Best View Of The Salton Sea

Desert Tower In-Ko-Pah Park Road, five miles east of Jacumba (619) 766-4612 You get no idea of the vast size of the "Biggest Puddle in the West" -- the Salton Sea -- until you see ...

Byron Wear and Juan Vargas meet with Tijuana airport bidders

Culligan, the new sponsor of the Holiday Bowl

Privatization of the Tijuana airport may come as soon as next year, and that's causing a big stir among insiders at San Diego's city hall. Last week, a consortium of French, Spanish, and Dutch airport ...

Jacumba: 90 Miles East of Here

Do good fences make good neighbors?

"We have people who live in Jacumé who have been smuggling for years. With our intel gathering we do know who lives in Jacumé, who is involved in narcotics and alien smuggling. It’s no secret."

The four corners of San Diego County: In-Ko-pah, Imperial Beach, Camp Pendleton, Anza-Borrego

Coyote. Tarantula. Silence. Sea.

“San Diego? This isn’t a county, it’s a country!” This how it starts. Dave, sounding off after a couple of beers. Dave’s latest rave is San Diego County. You might call him a county nationalist. ...

Holtville's go-get-em football

Fight on, Vikings, fight on!

Wood redraws the diagram, “This guy right here is the cause of the problem. He’s even making tackles on the offside play. Nobody’s blocking him so we’re far better off chop-blocking this guy.”

The New River — most polluted and lethal river in California

From Mexicali to the Salton Sea

The New River, one of the longest year-round rivers in Southern California, flows green and murky through the heart of the Imperial Valley on its three-day journey from Mexicali, Mexico, to the brackish Salton Sea, ...

El Centro awaits the metropolis

Out here in the middle of nowhere

“I moved here from San Diego and I actually prefer it. I really do. I married a Mexican girl and settled down. They’re the best people I’ve come across yet in California. Certainly the most kind.”

The Imperial Valley as modern Dust Bowl

Those who work the land don't own the land.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese-Americans were put in relocation camps, and their farms fell to pieces. "Local people went out to their farms, tore down their homes, hauled the materials back, and built homes for themselves,

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