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The North County battle over artificial turf

Jefferson Middle School, Luiseno Park in Oceanside, Stagecoach Park in Carlsbad

An episode of Nan Sterman’s “A Growing Passion” show on KPBS-TV mentioned the idea that unlike trees and grass, synthetic turf causes a “heat island effect.” She showed how one spread of ersatz lawn measured ...

Simsim Outstanding Shawarma a hit in Carmel Mountain Ranch

The new chain brings scratch Middle Eastern cooking to shopping center land

From a food lover’s perspective at least, good things have been happening in Carmel Mountain Ranch. Frankly, I ignored the place for years, because this is shopping center country, the sort of place populated by ...

Friendship Garden at border bulldozed

Chanting and a moment of silence follows

On January 12 at about 10 am, a handful of San Diegans travelled across the border to meet with Tijuana locals behind the Plaza Monumental de Playas de Tijuana — The Bullring by the Sea. ...

Why San Diego farmers worry about water

Fallbrook and Rainbow districts jumping to Riverside; San Diego looks forward to recycled

Valley Center farmers aren't alone when it comes to the high cost of water. But it could get lonelier and costlier if two neighboring water districts unyoke from the Water Authority to get a fresh ...