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Beethoven is gravity

A few of the best San Diego Beethovens I recall

We are now in the 250th anniversary year of Beethoven’s birth and there will be content created like never before. The internet is already dripping with articles about the grim master of the human condition. ...

Queensrÿche: The music between the notes

“It’s the subtleties that make it great”

Queensrÿche, who will be 40 years into their prog-metal run by the time you read this, are painfully aware that they’ve got some members from the classic years who aren’t around anymore; and some songs ...

Hooked On Crab in Eastlake

“That’s why we give gloves. People should be messy.”

We came here for fish, but not this sort of fish. Hank brought his rod to this totally cute little pond surrounded by houses. The lake that gives Eastlake its name, he says. But what ...

Moving and grooving with San Diego Autism Society

Chadwick Stokes, Parker Meridien, Vokab Kompany, Hullabaloo, Cardinal Moon

Most bands favored by Deadheads are content with providing psychedelic spinners with the requisite groove to get their tie-dye twirling. Chadwick Stokes likes to use his folky jam band style to educate, engage, and yeah, ...

The best and worst films of 2019

Scott Marks’ picks

Of the nearly 250 films I viewed in 2019, here are the front-runners and slopsuckers. For more on this year in film, visit the Big Screen. Favorites: 10.) Last Letter A romantic drama void of ...

Lil Yachty sails into town

Keeping that “surreal Willy Wonka” vibe

“I miss the old Yachty, the ‘bubblegum trap’ Yachty,” said fan Jhueller, “the never, switch up-Yachty.” “I’ve got songs that sample Mario Bros., Charlie Brown, the Rugrats theme, the music that plays when you turn ...