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Live on the Tecate divide, 9.7 acres, bunnies, birdies, squirrels, no May gray, no June gloom

San Diego Reader Classified ads, February 6, 2020

Call in your FREE classified ad (619) 450-4293 voice mail. Or text it to us (619) 272-2772. Or visit and fill in classified ad form. (Businesses can use this too for $5 classified ads) ...

Ambling with San Diego Beach Rides

Hire a horse and ride through the river bottom lands.

Partly because it was International Wetlands Day last Saturday (February 1), I thought I’d do a hard-hitting investigation into how we are doing in San Diego. I got down to the Tijuana River Sloughs, famous ...

San Diego Reader first Pets issue

They make us happy

Shared Loki My dog has a favorite bar. Loki quickly learned how to navigate the blocks to Hamilton’s Tavern, and if I let her control the leash on our afternoon walks in South Park, that’s ...

Baja teachers finally paid

After months of strike and no paychecks

Alexis, a public school teacher in Ensenada, received 20,000 pesos (about $1062) in back pay on December 20, after going months without being paid. “And some of my colleagues received up to 80,000 pesos (about ...

Todd Gloria gets hand slapped

Scott Sherman's donor jilted

Gloria’s staff fly for free Assemblyman Todd Gloria’s 2020 reelection fund, which drew a lawsuit from a critic who pointed out that the Democrat was running for San Diego mayor, not the Assembly, has quietly ...

City College chancellor quits same day of Reader story

Women's marches and Trump

Mice done playing No wonder SDCCD Chancellor Constance Carroll submitted her resignation the day Joe Deegan insight expose on district maleficence appeared in the Reader (“San Diego’s City College squeezes the adjunct profs,” City Lights, ...

How California Gray whales make love

We call it “seeing Pink Floyd.”

Dominic the crewman throws the hawser aboard. “Clear!” he calls out. The Legend is outward bound, whale watching, 20 souls aboard. Fifteen minutes, a coffee, and a blueberry muffin later, I am climbing up to ...

Epic power metal covers of the “Toss a Coin” song from The Witcher

Put on your best Jaskier the Bard voice

Dear Hipster: One minute all the cool kids are dopamine fasting, the next minute everybody’s like “OK, Boomer,” and before you know it they’re dreaming up epic power metal covers of the “Toss a Coin” ...

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