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Angels in America: nigh a religious experience

Is it a work of genius, as the buyer insists?

Many years ago, in London’s West End, I saw a play called Art. The plot centered on the rather dysfunctional friendship among three male friends, one of whom — the most successful and ambitious — ...

Rancho Santa Fe security and sheriffs try beanbags, pepper balls, dog on intruder

"My name is 'Slit your throat'"

Denise said she woke that Saturday morning to a brushing sound. It was along the outer wall of her apartment, along the stairwell leading to the front door. She wondered if the man who lived ...

Everyday guide to California Wines, Return Engagements, Water Lantern Festival, Belgian Fete, Michael Bublé

Events March 28-April 3, 2019

Thursday | 28 Everyday guide to California Wines What makes California unique among other wine-making regions of the world? How does French Chardonnay compare with its California counterpart? What’s the best way to read California ...

Gap in North County news story

I ask, Did you call the cops?

Illegal-vision In reference to the letter from massprivatei (Hacker stalls Port of San Diego’s video spy network”, News Ticker, March 11), I’d just like to suggest he look at England’s policing, and how, when anyone ...

San Diego Reader 2019 Music Issue

Guitar-based bands, children of hip-hop, jazz stories, funk scene, record label turmoil, art of music

Guitar bands spotted in the wild Here’s a fun-fact: contrary to popular opinion, guitar-based bands aren’t on the endangered species list. They may not generate the national coverage they once did, but if you venture ...

Yellow Cab driver's death by Camp Pendleton Marine solved 40 years later

DNA vs. the overlooked cocktail napkin

On January 29, 2019, before Superior Court judge Louis Hanoian, six women and six men stepped into the jury box to begin hearing evidence in the trial of Jeffery Duane Cauble on charges of murdering ...

Larry Remer and Nancy Chase – warriors in Todd Gloria campaign

Jimbo's hires lobbyist to fight Horton Plaza lease

Chasing Larry Remer If there was ever any question that next year’s race for mayor of San Diego would get nasty and expensive in a hurry, it’s been dispelled by the March 4 disclosure filing ...

Capitalism vs. Socialism: a civil debate between Duke’s Michael Munger and NYU’s Vivek Chibber at USD

“Every problem in consumers is worse in voters”

“I worked as a consultant for the 1989 presidential election in Chile, the first since the CIA-assisted coup in 1973,” recalled Michael Munger. “I remember thinking, ‘I hope I never live in a country where ...

What’s a sixer of Tecate worth? Engelbert Humperdinck Christmas album?

The barter system is making a quiet comeback

Dear Hipster: I own a moderately beat pickup truck, which I do not really drive all that much on account of not wanting to pay for the gas. I call her Delores, and, before anyone ...

Daley Ranch: from Kumeyaay harvest ground to Robert Daley’s illegal squatting

Coyote Run and Diamondback are popular trails

The Daley Ranch in Escondido offers a little bit of heaven for all of its visitors. Hikers, bikers, and equestrians can find trails that vary from easy to difficult, dirt to paved, narrow to wide. ...

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