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Iron Fist, aluminum cans

Vista brewery rocks a series of new tasting room releases

At the end of February, Iron Fist Brewing Company announced a new list of beers for 2019, highlighting seasonal releases to be introduced in its tasting rooms every month. This might sound like routine, first-quarter ...

James Agee and Joélle Harvey made me like Samuel Barber

San Diego Symphony's A Village Romeo and Julietand Knoxville Summer of 1915

Soprano Joélle Harvey was my favorite part of the San Diego Symphony concert on Friday, March 1, at Symphony Hall. Over the years I’ve been critical and disappointed with the vocal experience at the symphony ...

"Rising white nationalism & the current U.S. administration, respectively"

A Freudian trilogy from electro-opera singer-songwriter Trishes

“Ego is the first of three releases that describe the struggle between parts of oneself, each named after Freud’s constructs of self,” says electro-opera singer-songwriter Trish Hosein, aka one-woman band Trishes. “Ego will be followed ...

Listen to The Witch

A person who is dangerous and aggressive but chooses to temper her aggression is a moral person

I’d never seen Into The Woods live, so I took a chance and went up to Torrey Pines to see Steven Sondheim’s fractured fairytale. The production was impressive but more importantly, the emotional content of ...

Meandering must-see

“One almost wants to believe Von Pfunz is the ultimate oxymoron: a nice Nazi.”

Did the angel Gabriel flutter down from heaven to save Guernsey islanders from German occupation in 1943? Or did another Gabriel wash ashore, naked, from a shipwreck? He doesn’t know. He has amnesia, and Gabriel ...

Everybody Black, Rocket Con, San Diego Music Awards, San Diego in World War II, Hear the latest fish studies

Events March 7-March 13, 2019

Friday | 8 Everybody Black Rich, white historians want a definitive statement on the Black Experience. And they won’t just publish it; they’ll stuff it in a time capsule and shoot it into space, so ...

Steve Vaus colluded with others in Poway to give self pay raise

Shocked at hate in San Ysidro

Cowboy politics Here’s something voters of San Diego county must know about Buck Boy (“Poway Mayor Steve Vaus announces for Dianne Jacobs seat,” News under the Radar, February 27): Colluded with GOP cohorts in the ...

Diver Neal Matthews' favorite photos of San Diego sea creatures

I realized that it was the little things in the ocean that were most captivating

Photograph #1: Garibaldi Garibaldi, the California state marine fish, are so common around San Diego that most underwater photographers avoid them, as I did for decades. So why is this one image so important to ...

Eleanor Holsten: dancing since 1921

Every time she suggestively wriggles her butt, the place erupts in whistles

Eleanor Holsten comes onstage dressed in a yellow mumu with tropical flowers in black printed all over it. She wears flowers around her head. The Hawaiian music starts. She starts swaying, to cheers from all ...

San Diego School District unites Democrats and Republicans

Everyone in audience seems mad about putting public at end of meetings

On December 11 the San Diego Unified School District board of trustees got rid of a thorn in its side — the non-agenda public comment segment at the beginning of their meetings. Trustees Richard Barrera, ...

Browsing San Diego pioneer graves at Old Town’s Campo Santo cemetery

Are our ancestors all heroes?

As much as we’d like to think so, sometimes you hear things you’d rather not. Got a bit of a shock at the Campo Santo the other day. I was walking through San Diego’s second ...

Irwin Jacobs' loyalist Todd Gloria gets his reward

UT unwittingly resurrects Kearny Mesa Sunroad scandal

Irwin’s secret agent “You’re invited to our fundraising kick-off on Thursday, February 28th at the home of Christine Forester,” said an invitation by state Assemblyman and San Diego mayoral candidate Todd Gloria, facing off against ...

Coyote Canyon and Rockhouse Canyon, once home to Coyote people, traveled to the territory of cat people to find marriage partners

Discover a hidden playa filled with landslide alluvium

Coyote Mountain is sandwiched between the Coyote Creek fault and the Coyote Mountain/Clark Lake fault within the San Jacinto Fault Zone. Pressure from these right-lateral faults has caused the uplift creating Coyote Mountain and the ...

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