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What Vons, Albertsons, Ralph's customers will do

So many non-union alternatives

Thousands of retail clerks in Southern California, workers for Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions, and Ralph’s grocery stores, overwhelmingly approved their union to organize a strike, if needed, in the near future. Their union’s contract with the ...

Mel Brooks’ The Producers: a parodic and skewed risk-reward scenario

Today’s Bialystock and Bloom

“Creative accounting” sets up the premise of the Mel Brooks movie turned musical The Producers, the story of two men who stage a Broadway musical designed to fail. The parodic idea is that the risk-reward ...

The Old Globe’s As You Like It: Shakespeare that everyone can like

The enchantment of the final scene redeemed the scenic barenness

As You Like It is perhaps the Bard’s most delightful play and a perennial crowd pleaser. Cousins and best friends Rosalind and Celia are caught in the middle of a feud between their fathers. They ...

The future of San Diego bay, California tapestry at Mission Trails, Wild Walk: Carnivore Carnival, San Diego Smooth Jazz Festival, The Luckiest

Events June 27-July 3, 2019

Thursday | 27 The future of san diego bay The Port of San Diego invites the public to community discussions regarding the future of San Diego Bay and the surrounding waterfront. Learn about the discussion ...

San Diego's unsupervised tree trimming

What will Shirley Weber's policy on restive students do?

Trees falling in the city The ungraceful demise of La Jolla’s semi-famous Lorax Tree may be only the beginning. San Diego’s urban forest has grown increasingly unruly, and much of the blame lies with not ...

Now in Balboa Park: Secrets that take your breath away

One can never feel certain these are from San Diegans

“Having feelings for my best friend isn't (sic) romantic - it’s terrifying.” So reads a recent postcard sent to the Museum of Man in Balboa Park. It is posted on the San Diego wall of ...

Real men at Wilson Middle School, SDSU, El Cajon City Council

Forget toxic masculinity

It’s early Friday morning in City Heights. Nearly 30 boys flock to Wilson Middle School an hour before school starts to spend time with their mentor Roosevelt Johnson. They enter his classroom and greet one ...

DeAnza Park, cougar killing, causes of death, Oceanside homeless

Reader readers chime in

Boomerang Are you aware that Campland on the Bay and DeAnza Mobile home park, were owned by the same group previously? (Campland gives big to Campbell, News Ticker, June 10) So the city leasing the ...

Chief Kristin Beck banned from SEAL friend Mike Martin’s funeral

For the sake of peace at Miramar, I never got to say goodbye to my friend

Kristin Beck saw them coming. Twenty of them. “Navy SEALs. Leather jackets. Motorcycles. I knew what this was going to be about. ‘If you don’t leave, we’re going to beat the shit out of you.’” ...

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