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I-15 and CA-76 work-arounds don't always work

Lilac Road turns into a dirt road at the Indian reservation

On June 17, Leslie G. saw photos of a stranded semi truck and trailer on the opposite side of the road by her Valley Center home. “The truck got stuck near Pala Loma Drive and ...

Peacock danger on Cool Valley Road

Driver stops, offers help to Valley Center bird owner

On June 20, at around 3:15 pm, Shirley saw white feathers scattered by the mailbox outside of her Valley Center farm. “Oh no!” she said herself, “one of my peacocks has been hit." She then ...

Dreamy vegan noodles at HiroNori Craft Ramen

These Orange County guys never met a broth they couldn’t perfect

I’ve paid lip service to vegan ramens before. Interesting, I’ve said. Oh, that is good,” I’ve agreed. But I haven’t meant it. Not to the extent that I would choose to order one over a ...

Maienschein, Sara Jacobs, Sempra push San Diego Democrats way ahead

$220,974 in first half of 2019 compared to the GOP's $83,950

An ex-Republican politico, a super-rich heiress with future office in mind, a giant power company, a Beverly Hills outfit seeking to preserve its lucrative Mission Bay leasehold, and lots of labor unions have helped keep ...

Alpine – coyotes, wildfires, high school worries

Alpine Beer Company, Peutz Valley, Wright's Field

Live in Alpine? Get a generator. Alpine resident Bill Smith said SDGE has been “cutting power off at least once a month for the past three or so months. Not everyone can afford a generator ...