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3-acre canna farm, Bruce Lee surfboard, Red Sox-Padres tickets

San Diego Reader Classified ads, July 10, 2019

Call in your FREE classified ad (619) 450-4293 voice mail. Or text it to us (619) 272-2772. Or visit and fill in classified ad form. (Businesses can use this too for $5 classified ads) ...

Aileen Oya on State Senate Bill 329

Okay, I was eavesdropping. I could hear this prominent realtor, Aileen Oya, complaining to a friend about State Senate Bill 329, which would stop landlords rejecting prospective tenants solely because they are Section 8 or ...

The Luckiest: Perfect propaganda

That’s not art. That’s an emotional cudgel.

During this production, Aleque Reid (as Lissette) jumps agilely back and forth along the timeline of her debilitating illness. In one scene, she is a vigorously physical, dynamic, healthy woman; in the next, she is ...

The Sunshine Boys, Paper Theatre, Vines & Vittles Festival, Full moon pier walk, Hugh Jackman

Events July 11-July 17, 2019

Friday | 12 The Sunshine Boys A young theatrical agent attempts to connect his elderly uncle, a former vaudevillian great, with his long-time stage partner for a TV reunion. But despite their celebrated reputation, the ...

Four-star Omni stay for Duncan Hunter aide

General Atomics gets $92 million contract for border work

Ethical vacation As his boss twisted slowly in the winds of federal jurisprudence, a top employee of indicted Republican House member Duncan Hunter took off with his wife for a round of ethics training at ...

San Diego's Presidio is crumbling

250th anniversary this week, July 16

Almost five years ago, Bill Lawrence, president of the San Diego History Center, went to Los Angeles to accept an award from the California Preservation Foundation. The purpose of the award was to honor the ...

Ryan Burch and Carl Eckstrom – outlier surfboard designers

The asymmetricals all clicked

While the world seems geared toward breeding out individuality, surfing celebrates those who successfully break predetermined boundaries. Still, in a time not long ago, fog shrouded our tribe’s favorite activity, and we tumbled into what ...

Unfriendly crowd at Cabrillo on the 4th

A very slow burn movie

Turning up the volume On the 4th this year we went to the Point Loma Cabrillo Monument to watch the fireworks with another couple (“Bring it, 2019,” Best Buys, January 2). We brought a small ...

Father of Naval Aviation Glenn Curtiss 1911 flight detailed in Joe Ditler’s Coronado Confidential

“He spilled gas all over our apple pie. I was never so mad in all my days.”

“‘It was a Thursday morning in January of 1911, I was 13 at the time, and that particular morning I was floating around in my rowboat looking for ghost shrimp in the Spanish Bight.’” This ...

Sex on the Beach, Pousse-cafe, and other incongruous beverages

Just what we need to keep the world in perspective

Dear Hipster: A while ago, I went to a bar that has a reputation for divey-ness. I won’t say which one, because I get the sense that would be unhip, but suffice to say the ...

Hear water bubbling over boulders in Santa Ysabel Creek in Boden Canyon

This beautiful canyon has an abundance of great plant diversity.

From the staging area, follow the trail leading east. In 0.14 mile, it curves around a ridge and heads south into Clevenger Canyon, parallel to Hwy 78, but well below it. In about half a ...

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