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San Diego Opera's Rigoletto on Tuesday defined the genre

It's not the lack of mics or suburban dads

I came up with a new theory during the San Diego Opera production of Verdi’s masterpiece, Rigoletto, on Tuesday, February 5. The theory? “Pure Opera.” A few weeks ago I became involved in a shockingly ...

Rock over cod at Adrian’s Surf n’ Turf Grill

Ribeye makes it a surf n’ turf lunch

When I ask the owner and chef why his fish and chips feature rockfish instead of cod, I appreciate the answer. It’s easy to get, locally. That would be Adrian, of Adrian’s Surf n’ Turf ...

Black Panther’s Danai Gurira highlights the American immigrant pastoral in Familiar

The story isn’t about Zimbabwe; it is about America

To assimilate or not to assimilate, that is the issue in Familiar, which plays at The Old Globe through March 3, 2019. This mixed cocktail of comedic cultural exchanges was written by Danai Gurira, who ...

Saved by a mermaid in the Mekong river

Get to know Phou Vieng Insysiengmae, a child soldier from Laos

The monk cuts across the courtyard to where we’re staring up at Wat Lao Buddharam, here on 44th Street in Chollas View. “Can I help you?” Soon he is inviting us to come look inside. ...

Will 13 Point Brewing make Lemon Grove the new La Mesa?

Brewery will also focus on live original music

“I think the last show I played in Lemon Grove was a place called the Pelican Pub a million years ago and, prior to that, an all ages venue called Mesopotamia,” says Manganista singer-percussionist Matt ...

A soup to bring Dad back to life

“We demanded the sublime on a platter.”

When Ray, a Korean-American, said he wanted to be a gourmet chef, his father loathed the idea. Cooking is “women’s work,” he said. It’s low class, uneducated. Ray became a chef anyway, and top-shelf at ...

The Wedding Singer, Joan Osborne, Eagle Peak Ranch, Gelato Poetry Series, Scenes of San Diego Art Reception

Events February 7-February 13, 2019

Thursday | 7 The Wedding Singer It’s 1985. Robbie Hart, a wedding singer, dreams of becoming a rock star. Linda, his fiance, fell for him because of his dream. When she concludes he’s lost his ...

North Park hipsters don’t bother Zydeco musician Ruben Moreno

“Reminds me of parts of Houston today. Minus the southern cooking.”

Zydeco musician Ruben Moreno admits that, strictly speaking, he doesn’t live anywhere — or at least not for very long. But he proudly counts the Sun Dog City as one of his somewheres. “I live ...

Kristin Gaspar may get Remer-ed, Sheriff Gore's van is rockin'

And Kosher vegetarian meals for inmates

Liberal Terra firma Political hopefuls continue to pile into next year’s San Diego races for city council and county supervisor, portending a costly scramble for votes as term limits continue to take their toll on ...

We were a low-cost alternative to MCI and Sprint

Steve Peace turned on us

There came a time in the early 1990s when I realized I needed to find a serious job. Or, failing that, a couple of really bad jobs. I had part-time employment at UCSD, but that ...

South Park woman's anti-scooter crusade

"Marie is trying to figure out a way to tow them off."

South Park resident Marie, who stands about five feet tall, likes to stroll her neighborhood carrying a big stick. “I yell at them motorized scooter and bike riders to get off the sidewalk,” she said, ...

Watercolorist sets up outside Bay Books and Café Madrid coffee cart

“If you just surrender, then everything becomes easy”

“Just let it go, let it flow, kind of like life,” says Tony Trowbridge. He’s painting a watercolor of what he sees right here on Orange Avenue in Coronado. Quick, deft, light movements, mixed with ...

Target and Urban Outfitters: out on the bleeding edge of culture

What corporate America calls ironic t-shirts

Hipster: Are places like Target and Urban Outfitters bona fide hipster destinations or a mass marketed version thereof? — David Much of the outcome here depends on your personal definition of hipster. If you think ...

Harper Canyon: home to ironwood trees, dramatic geology and desert bighorn sheep

This remote Anza-Borrego canyon is for the experienced hiker

Harper Canyon is home to hundreds of magnificent ironwood trees (Olneya terota). They can become quite large and, though the pinnately compound leaves don’t provide abundant shade, they are evergreen and attractive year around. Since ...

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