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The bemusing and amusing poetry struggles of T.S. Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and Groucho Marx found in the Old Globe's Life After

What is good comic timing, if not a properly honed sense of poetic interval?

In the musical Life After, a teenager coping with the loss of her father struggles with the limitations of conventional speech for expressing the complex emotions that surge through the mourning process. “I’ve never been ...

Susan Davis returns to the trough – in Israel

UCSD chancellor seeks online snooper

Freebies, right and left Democratic congresswoman Susan Davis, already one of the most well-traveled members in House history, was off to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in February, courtesy of the liberal J Street Education Fund. ...

San Antonio and San Salvador ships, Peter J. Geise, Bullshot Crummond, Plants on Volcan Mountain, Scott Worthington

Events April 11-April 17, 2019

Thursday | 11 Peter J. Geise: Tijuana Art Series Peter J. Geise is a veteran of the San Diego art scene. His semi-abstract practice began at age of twelve, and is informed by modern art ...

What happened in ransomware attack on Port of San Diego

Iran-backed hackers demanded Bitcoin

New disclosures reveal higher stakes than previously known when the Port of San Diego fell victim in late 2018 to a major cyberattack now believed to have originated in Iran. “This cyberattack was called 21st-century ...

35 glimpses at Lemon Grove

Including the 1931 Lemon Grove Incident

1 On January 5, 1931, 75 Mexican-American children were expelled from the Lemon Grove Grammar School. By decree of the school board, the principal, Jerome Green, blocked the doorway, proto-George-Wallace style, telling the kids to ...

Spend the day with Orson Welles, or with Satan, on YouTube

Satan got an awful lot of cinematic attention in the ’60s and ’70s

One of the real pleasures of feeling lousy enough to stay home in bed is the YouTube deep dive. Flu’d up a couple years ago, I watched maybe 15 straight hours’ worth of stuff about ...

Homo riot hardcore punk outfit plays La Escalera Fest

Gay Agenda, Hey, Chels, Squarecrow, Micah Schnabel, Scott Worthington

This year’s La Escalera Fest takes place over four days (April 11–14), at six locales in San Diego and Tijuana, with over fifty band performances, many of them local acts. Host venues include Tower Bar, ...

Objections to socialist at University of San Diego

Rancho Guejito closer to Valley Center

Capitalism vs. Socialism, redux Prof. Chibber: According to Matthew Lickona, a reporter for the San Diego Reader, you participated in a debate (“Is it time for America to embrace socialism?) with Michael Munger on March ...

The Wife’s iPhone Pizookie Incident

Conversation with a lamppost

Hello, lamppost, whatcha knowin’? You remember the line, right? Simon & Garfunkel, “59th Street Bridge Song,” feelin’ groovy? They were big with the anti-war set a couple of generations ago. But it’s only today that ...

Ferdinand de Saussure’s semiotics filtered through a few generations of abstract thought

Language conveys meaning only through a relational process

Dear Hipster: I have a meta-question for you this week. It seems to me that you receive a tremendous number of messages along the lines of “is such and such a thing hipster or not ...

Spot the California least tern near Fiesta Island’s Stony Point

The isolation of the island surrounded by food sources became a good place for the terns to build their nest

Not far from land, but safe from predators such as snakes, coyotes, raccoons, and domestic animals, the California least terns make their nests on Stony Point on Fiesta Island. This federally-listed endangered species primarily eats ...

The Silver Strand

San Diego Harbor not only bounds downtown to the west, it also marks the edge of a rich habitat. As you look out to the bay, you can see Coronado/North Island. Technically, the “island” is ...

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