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Ghost hunting at the Tombstone Motel

The adobe-made motel dates back to the town's O.K. Corral days.

A little while back my mother and I decided to go on a ghost-hunting expedition to Tombstone, Arizona. Being the “professionals” that we are, we packed our equipment (flashlight, electromagnetic field detector, digital audio recorder ...

Kilowatt brews quirky tiki cocktails for Forbidden Cove

Undistilled spirits fuel a glowing Kearny Mesa speakeasy

To access Forbidden Cove, you’ll need a carved wooden idol that unlocks a secret doorway leading into a narrow hallway where your own mirror reflection echoes before and behind you into infinity. It’s a simple ...

The Horatio Alger of Project Runway

The industry is definitely warming up.

San Diego native Ashley Nell Tipton’s career as a fashion designer reads like a Horatio Alger story. She first put needle to fabric at age seven on her grandmother’s sewing machine. In 2011, she started ...

The Elegant Sadness of Kamau Kenyatta

“I think the whole session was an example of everyone making each other sound better.”

“It was one of those rare sessions where everything just ‘clicked’ and went very smoothly,” says musician Kamau Kenyatta, discussing his new album The Elegant Sadness, featuring trumpeter Curtis Taylor, saxophonist Brian Clancy, bassist Mackenzie ...

Mr. Peabody’s: I love this bar

“Please: No Assholes. No Hookers. No Tweekers.”

Mr. Peabody’s gets right to the point. “Please: No Assholes. No Hookers. No Tweekers.” It’s on signs behind the bar. It’s on the backs of tee shirts the bar crew wear. But up here in ...

Nazi monster Halloween

Before it was over, our heroine had undergone a type of defilement the screen had not experienced since Pasolini’s Salo

Nazi monsters for Halloween. Black Book (2006) Whenever a Twitter poll asks people to name their favorite horror movie, I generally list Leni Riefenstahl’s Hitler-commissioned documentary Triumph of the Will. Forget about latex boogeymen, costumed ...

Soda Bar 10 Year Anniversary celebration

Old Man Wizard, Soda Bar 10 Year Anniversary, Dia De Los Deftones, Glory, Matt and Kim

Specializing in metallic prog perfect for a smoked-out fog, Old Man Wizard was founded in late 2011 by singer/guitarist Kris Calabio and bassist/guitarist/violinist/singer Andre Beller (both of Platypus Egg), along with drummer/keyboardist/singer Francis Roberts (Dread ...

Jojo Rabbit: Hilarious Hitler?

Glimmers of light and love amid the darkness and hate

There’s a deep and sincere sweetness in the work of writer-director Taika Waititi. It’s a kind of relentless and innocent good cheer that persists in the face of horror — to the point where the ...

Ring Around the Moon: another My Fair Lady transformation?

Does every woman need a man to fix her?

Ring Around the Moon is a comedy of manners full of the stock characters that populate the genre. The action happens when everyone is invited up to the grand home of the Dowager Countess for ...

Who is 1788-L?

Alphanumeric gut-rattling zombie music

In early 2018, when 1788-L dropped its dubstep bangers on the Soundcloud music app, fans couldn’t click the water drop and subwoofer emoticons quick enough to keep up with the unknown-producers’ 140-bpm (beats per minute) ...

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