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Wave park proposed to take place of Oceanside Swap Meet

Zephyr Partners to use Wave Garden Cove?

The 90-acre Oceanside Swap Meet site was once hyped as a perfect home for a new Chargers stadium. That ten-year-old rumor was just idle folklore. But get ready for an attraction that may be just ...

In wake of #StopTheBans protests, Kevin Faulconer pledges support for abortion rights in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri

America’s Finest Mayor?

Faulconer: “I promise you, ladies, that I see you and hear you. I will not act to restrict abortion rights in San Diego. Or, for that matter, in any other place: in California, or America, ...

Cathedral Catholic students, supporters rally against skirt ban

Skirt Skirmish

Until May 17, girls at Cathedral Catholic high school were permitted to wear skirts that stopped no more than three inches above the knee and didn’t “cling to contours.” But faculty frustration with repeated violations ...

Telly Savalas trio of terror

A splashy ‘70s subgenre of Italian horror released during the rise of Kojak

Who scares you, baby? Give a lick about this Telly Savalas trio of terror. Lisa and the Devil (1973) Giallo: a splashy ‘70s subgenre of Italian horror with soft, overlit nightscapes filmed in garish Eastman ...

President issues Memorial Day pardon for Qualcomm

Trump: My Way or the Hua-wei

On May 22, US District Court Judge Lucy Koh ruled that San Diego-based telecommunications giant Qualcomm had violated US anti-trust law via the licensing fees it charges for patented technology that allows cell phones to ...

Kim Kardashian knocks Jack in the Box out of the marketplace after Tweet

“If she’s not shopping, then nobody’s buying.”

On May 20, Kim Kardashian West Tweeted at Jack Box, mascot for the San Diego-based fast food chain Jack in the Box: “Hey, Jack In The Box I have a serious complaint but I won’t ...

Ulysses S. Grant: secret, oath-bound political parties are dangerous to any nation

No political party can or ought to exist when one of its corner-stones is opposition to the right to worship God

Ulysses S. Grant In St. Louis City and County, what afterwards became the Republican party was known as the Free-Soil Democracy, led by the Honorable Frank P. Blair. Most of my neighbors had known me ...

Mike Hess Brewing shaves heads

For pediatric cancer research

Over Memorial Day weekend, dozens of people gathered at North Park’s Mike Hess Brewing Company to shave their heads bald. And in doing so they raised over 60 thousand dollars for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a ...

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