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A recommended Feast at Carlsbad Ranch Market & Grill

Juice, local brews, and a fried chicken and gouda sandwich

When a Feast reader emailed to recommend a fried chicken sandwich, it piqued my interest. Mostly because at mere whisper of the words “fried chicken,” I’ll develop a craving. However, the description of this sandwich ...

Rancho Santa Fe Democrats hear Gaspar opponents

Olga Diaz, Terra Lawson-Remer, Jeff Griffith

The County Board of Supervisors campaign gloves were formally taken off on May 9 when the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club hosted the expected three challengers to Supervisor Kristin Gaspar’s 3rd District supervisorial seat. Gasper, ...

Mary's Donuts in Santee got a little too generous

Joel Scalzitti uses her name in Lakeside and El Cajon

Touted as a third location of the regionally popular Mary’s Donuts, a new storefront opened on El Cajon’s Main Street on April 13, near city and county offices. Owner Joel Scalzitti proclaimed in the East ...

Tijuana Chewbacca fans geek out

Peter Mayhew played the hairy sidekick of Han Solo.

On May 4 about 800 Star Wars fans rendezvoused on Avenida Revolución in Tijuana to geek out and pay homage to the actor that played the original Chewbacca. "Many of us Mexican fans lament the ...

Encanto – snubbed but proud

MLK Park, trolley in-filling, Salaam Fish House, North Encanto lunch group, Pepperview Canyon, Apostolic Prayer Temple

On top of this little corner of the world Here on Skyline Drive, great swaths of sward stretch out below, springy and green. Here, there are vacant lots littered with possibility, within sight of a ...