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Grow your guitar

"We need to reforest and recycle San Diego.”

“San Diegans could be growing their guitars in their front yard,” says Scott Paul. Say what? “Yes! Thousands of trees reach the end of their life cycle, and what happens? Too often, cities will mulch ...

Public pianos

"Sometimes I play here for hours. It gives me peace of mind”

They’re are a worldwide phenomenon. They say 38 cities have installed pianos worldwide so far, including London, Boston, Los Angeles. And Coronado. Saturday afternoon. Sunny, breezy. Chloe Albert’s bored. She’s with her mother, the Coronado ...

Call it the Hamilton Effect

Contemporary slang and F-bombs feel too linguistically liberated

“I am a revolution!” shouts Mary Woolley in Bryna Turner’s Bull in a China Shop, based on the famous teacher, activist, and President of Mount Holyoke College. She wants to convert the college from a ...

Musically interrogating the human experience

An interview with We Were Promised Jetpacks

We Were Promised Jetpacks, native to Edinburgh, Scotland, took a long time off after 2014’s Unravelling, but thankfully return to musically interrogating the human experience. They arrive at Irenic on October 12, touring behind their ...

Greyboy Allstars: the greatest band that never was

Members add scores for feature films and performing with the Rolling Stones to their repertoire

Maybe with a little more planning, the upcoming Greyboy Allstars show could have been hyped differently. “I guess it is our 25th anniversary, isn’t it,” says keyboardist Robert Walter about his funk/soul/jazz quintet. “Maybe we ...

The Morlocks drop their first album in eight years

And other music news from Greg Laswell, Rick Elias, The Silent Comedy and Tori Roze

Breaking news RE Rick Elias, the Penetrators, Tori Roze, Red Dragon Cartel, more

The value of being a “working musician” for jazz drummer Nathan Hubbard

"I like the steady work, but I also love creating my own music and running my own bands.”

Drummer/composer Nathan Hubbard won the San Diego Music Award for “Best Jazz Album,” in 2014, for Encinitas and Everything, and again in 2017 for Furiously Dreaming, a project featuring his Skeleton Key Orchestra. Has the ...

HIR, Music Hall of Fame, Maker Faire, Pumpkins and farm animals, Jigsaw puzzle competition

Events October 4-October 10, 2018

Thursday | 4 From Afghanistan to California Hir: For three years while serving in Afghanistan, Isaac worked for the mortuary affairs department. He bagged body parts, labeling them when possible. Along the way, he became ...

Blind pet diagnosis: the truth lies somewhere in the middle

I propose a simple series of diagnostic tests

Dear Hipster: I have a 13-year-old Italian Greyhound rescue, Turbo, who I just discovered is almost totally blind. Italian Greyhounds are sighthounds. Does Turbo’s sightlessness make him an ironic, hipster sighthound? Should he move to ...

Chinese philosopher Mencius asserted that human nature was innately good

And only society’s influence caused bad moral character

Mencius If a man love others, and no responsive attachment is shown to him, let him turn inwards and examine his own benevolence. If he is trying to rule others, and his government is unsuccessful, ...

Step back in time on the Kelly Trail in Carlsbad

Follow the Agua Hedionda Creek wetlands bordering Agua Hedionda Lagoon

The land that is now Carlsbad was once home to Kumeyaay people, perhaps for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Spanish priests and their accompanying soldiers displaced the Kumeyaay by the late 18th century, and ...

Dylan Thomas' “Especially When The October Wind”

A poem for October

Especially when the October wind With frosty fingers punishes my hair, Caught by the crabbing sun I walk on fire And cast a shadow crab upon the land, By the sea’s side, hearing the noise ...

A Star is Born, again, for the fifth time

The origins of Lady Gaga's remake

For her big screen debut, au courant warbler/performance artist Lady Gaga offers up a fifth remake of A Star is Born. Here’s a chance to literally see where she’s coming from, give or take a ...

Ozzy Osbourne: the Grammy-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is road-dogging it

Fifty years in the business from Black Sabbath to Hollywood celebrity

So many years, so much Ozzy. He’s the guy who famously chomped a bat on stage, a story that’s been told and re-told so many times now over the years that it’s become myth. Then ...

Mission Hills visitor to Vietnam sucked into MIA search

Butch Carr home after 47 years

Antonio Palma felt something or someone was driving him to visit Vietnam, a place to which he had no ties. Not knowing what awaited him and traveling to the other side of the world without ...