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Being the Change, Firefly Dreams, California's Fallen Soldiers, Vista Strawberry Festival, Poe Ballantine

Events May 24-30, 2018

Thursday | 24 BEING THE CHANGE Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution is written by Peter Kalmus, an atmospheric scientist at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The book delves into ...

Korean cuisine and conversation on Convoy

Mimi feels at home in California, but still craves chicken feet and raw crab

Almost didn’t make it out of Kearny Mesa Friday night. Caught the last bus by a hair. I blame the Koreans. Came up here looking for Korean food. BBQ. And conversation. Because I’m kinda curious ...

The quest for silky smooth legs

“One quick stroke, even over knees — even over knobby knees — gets the job done.”

We Kellys are constantly running out of certain items, near-essentials of life: coffee, chocolate, toilet paper, and razors. That last item is especially true, as the number of face and leg shavers in the house ...

Dome on the range

Relax in the shaded hollow of an ancient sand dune

The Coyote Mountains are part of a larger area known as the Colorado region of the Sonoran Desert. Here two plates meet, the Pacific Plate to the west and the North American Plate to the ...

Bless your little heart

Southern women shine in Steel Magnolias

I went to college in Dallas, which is not really in the South, but is a sort of first cousin. We had our share of Southern Belles on campus, including one of my roommates. One ...

We tackle but we keep our heads safe

How I learned to stop worrying about the Chargers and love rugby

When the Chargers followed that red ribbon of brakelights leading to Los Angeles, our city’s abandoned football fans responded by burning jerseys and searching for clever ways to repurpose their bolt tattoos. After an ugly ...

Cherchez la femme in Afghanistan

Both on stage and in the story, the women are directed

When they first meet, Mariam can’t stand young Laila. With good reason: in her early 30s, Mariam’s the dutiful wife of Rasheed, an abusive control freak. To him, she’s lower than a house cat. Now ...

A burlesque extension of the Star Wars universe

The Empire Strips Back aims for the funny familiar

Pulitzer-nominated political cartoonist Jeff Danziger once wrote that he wanted his panels to work like an icicle slipped down your back — funny in a way, but also discomfiting. Laughter tinged with the twinge that ...

Why isn't there Amerivision?

California could kick in the occasional gangsta rap-surf-punk-norteño fusion number

Dear Hipster: I have no opinion on the chicken song, but I sort of wonder, why doesn’t the US have something like the Eurovision Song Contest? — Denny Beats the heck outta me. I would ...

Dressing the part, from Atlanta to Vegas to here

Sartorial scientist Pearce Cleaveland helps host Happy Hour poolside at the Pendry

There’s an elevator at the Pendry hotel on Fifth that runs from the underground Oxford Social Club, with its $1500 Saturday night bottle service, up to the ground-floor Lionfish restaurant, home to Eater “Top-50 Young ...

Atkins's money counters DeMaio's recall efforts

and; unbecoming behavior at the Balboa Navy Hospital

Gassed-up recall San Diego’s Toni Atkins, leader of the state senate, has been digging deep into one of her campaign kitties in a rough-and-tumble effort to save the seat of fellow senate Democrat Josh Newman ...

Lestat's West may rise from its coffin

“Louie is now paid by the success of each show."

John Husler admits his much-loved acoustic showcase in Normal Heights called Lestat’s West has not been profitable for six years. “We’ve been losing from $50,000 to $80,000 a year,” says co-owner Husler about the fifteen-year-old ...

Fiercely anti-Christ

Letters from our readers

Got your goat, and sheep In the last 3 times of the articles of “Sheep and Goats” it seems that you are getting into the religious cultic things that are all fiercely anti-Christ in the ...

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