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Anglers are never crabbin’ for nothing

Worse: to try lighter gear in the face of tuna

Dock Totals May 6 – May 12: 2,144 anglers aboard 93 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 58 bluefin tuna, 1,814 yellowtail, 114 calico bass, 25 sand bass, 3,199 rockfish, 336 ...

Cursed Encinitas bluff

Another friendly developer bets 5.9 million

Early last fall, a developer named Weston Harmer hosted a meet-and-greet with neighbors who live adjacent to a bluff known as The Gateway to Encinitas. The property is just south of La Costa Avenue and ...

Thank the waves

Surfer turned sushi chef shreds at his secret spot

“Would love awesome anything but esp sushi,” read the text. L.A. friends had come to see Carlsbad’s Flower Fields and wanted to meet for dinner in La Jolla. I can rattle off a list of ...

Chargettes urged to be sexy

Then slapped for not being wholesome

According to,the Chargers’ cheeerleaders of the late 1970s got double-crossed. Sidelined, a movie about the episode, was shown late last month at the Tribeca Film Festival. The gist of the film is that the ...

Not your normal (yawn) grass soccer

Beach Soccer Jam on Fiesta Island

Soccer is a game of running, lots of running, and we who enjoy the beach know that running in the soft sand above the tideline is not easy. That’s why the beach runs for runners ...