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Jamul tribe denies casino imploding

Penn National removes Hollywood sign

The Jamul Tribe casino is advertising more than 30 job openings, which seems to dispel the notion that the casino is imploding. At the end of May, the Penn National Gaming Corp., which owns the ...

Appellate court tells CPUC to hand over documents

Even some redacted portions must be restored

The California Court of Appeal in San Francisco today (June 19) ordered the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to turn over communications between it and the governor’s office as the the agency came up with ...

Hair gone gray

Half a century ago, the very staging of Hair read like a political act

To paraphrase Abbie Hoffman, don’t trust any play over 30. The yippie author of Steal This Book popularized guerrilla theater more than half a century ago, staging performative countercultural protests to subvert the establishment, such ...

The Squirrels has the makings

But it plays more like notes for a second draft

The ancient philosopher Epicurus said, “Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little.” Scurius is the patriarch of the squirrels on his tree. He’s a Gray squirrel and lives square in ...

Monster box of produce

"If it’s in season, then the prices will be right, and the produce will be super tasty."

My childhood summers in Connecticut meant a half-acre garden in the backyard and plucking string beans and cherry tomatoes right from the vine and then dashing off for another round of badminton. I remember rambling ...

Romeo, Romeo, and Juliet, Legacy of John Muir, San Diego Historic Highways, Dirty Bags Cornhole, Six String Society

Events June 21-27, 2018

Thursday | 23 Romeo, Romeo, and Juliet “Oh Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Romeo #1: “Here. beloved Juliet.” Romeo #2: “Nooo! Over here!” Romeo #1: “Call me but love and I’ll be new baptiz’d.” ...

Breaking local music news

From singing robots to opera singers

“The robot and I are heading into the studio next month to start recording a series of themed EPs,” says SDSU English department alumnus Michael Buchmiller, aka Professor B. Miller, the mastermind behind the Satanic ...

They said no to box checking

High school students who question success

The month of May for high school seniors can be a disorienting time. They are feted through Senior Breakfasts, Grad Nights, Senior Nights, sporting events. They begin to wear the colors of their universities-to-be: the ...

A stroll through the City of Trails

Explore some of the lesser-known paths of Poway

Poway is a “city of trails” with some of the most popular hiking trails in coastal San Diego, especially those to Iron Mountain and Mt. Woodson. However, it has many other trails, mostly used by ...

Unstuck via stick and poke

"When you etch something into flesh, it’s almost like a spell."

Sarah Kahn was stuck — “in a lot of areas in my life, but really in my career.” She’d gotten her doctorate in clinical psychology, but didn’t want to get licensed, because she “didn’t like ...

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Why aren't they ordering craft cocktails in North Park alongside the lumberjacks?

Dear Hipster: I was idly browsing Westworld reddits the other day, trying to figure out exactly what the heck has been going on the past couple weeks, and that got me thinking about cowboys. Real ...

Who would trust Alex Hern?

San Diego venture capitalist plagued by lawsuits

Do fat cats do their homework when plunking a bundle of money into start-up tech companies? Wealthy investors are putting big bucks behind a Del Mar company, Tsunami VR, which plans to develop virtual reality ...

Private prison donations, Shirley Weber's timely support, Imperial County hanky-panky

The smell of money

Big contributions, bar none GEO group, the controversial private prison outfit from Boca Raton, Florida that operates a downtown lockup called the Western Region Detention Facility for the United States Marshal’s Service and the Midway ...

Divergent takes on El Cajon

Letters from our readers

El Cajon, ad nauseam Wow at first I was excited to pick up this week’s Reader (El Cajon is my city, Cover Story, June 13) and was looking forward to read an updated and fair ...

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