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Mainly Mozart marathon

The performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 2 pushed the limits

The Mainly Mozart Festival has completed it’s Genius Weekend which ran from June 7-June 10 at multiple locations throughout San Diego County and Tijuana. It was perhaps the most rigorous weekend of music and presentations ...

Two poems

"Taste and See" and "Still Your Hand"

Taste and See Seven very tall French egrets mill about in a field. As soon as anyone appears they take off, headed as Away as possible. Their bright gleam in the sky quickly out of ...

Embarrassed by tragedy

The actors indeed had to soldier on through the titters and giggles of the audience

“The most certain sign of decadence in a nation is the fact that it cannot witness the performance of tragedy but must ever be titillated by comic entertainments.” –St. John G. Ervine, author of John ...

A mind overthrown

You could almost call the play Inside of Our Heads

During its early scenes, a play makes a kind of pact with the audience: “Here is tonight’s theatrical world.” It could be cartoony absurd or Victorian Gingerbread Age ornate. But this is default mode, how ...

A wild but happening place

Annie's Canyon Trail takes you through a wide variety of habitats

Annie’s Canyon Trail goes through a variety of habitats, including riparian forest, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and salt water marsh. It also has an amazing slot canyon. There are outstanding views of the ocean, lagoon, ...

El Cajon is my city

A happy immigration story

Black and white at The Grand Three large black men sat squished together in the back seat of my rental car as we headed east on I-8. The ping of my Uber app brought us ...

Skateboarding’s Finest, Har Mar Superstar, A Coach’s Blunt Take on the State of American Soccer, King Arthur Archery Tournament, James Hubbell Home and Studio Tour

Events June 14-20, 2018

Thursday | 14 Skateboarding's Finest J. Grant Brittain, a San Diego-based photographer who has captured some of skateboarding’s finest athletes since 1979, began his career at the Del Mar Skate Ranch, where he decided to ...

Why not fish jerky?

and, Requiem for a Persian

Why not fish jerky? “I was sitting on a mountaintop in the Gila Wilderness,” says Nick Mendoza. “I was thinking beef jerky, and then the thought came: beef jerky? Why not fish jerky?” Mendoza was ...

Dads who like booze donuts and sausage cocktails

"Am I no longer cool? Do I even care?"

Dear Hipster: I’ve been having a kind of hipster crisis lately. I fear I am gradually becoming less and less cool. It seems like just yesterday I was tending bar, sleeping in, getting drunk at ...

Would Amaze videos get you arrested elsewhere?

San Diego and Oceanside schools criticized for explicit sex ed

San Diego Unified School District and Oceanside Unified School District have come under fire because of the sexual education curriculum they adopted from Advocates for Youth. Advocates for Youth is based in Washington D.C. where ...

Who gave money to San Diego politicians

Nathan Fletcher, Toni Atkins, Joel Anderson, Brian Maienschein, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

Big Oil and gas A group of well-heeled oil companies from Texas had a mixed record of success in last week’s California primaries after spending nearly $400,000 in the Golden State on campaign hits against ...

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