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Partner dispute spells the end of Oceanside Ale Works

Third SD brewery to close in 15 days

Officially, Oceanside Ale Works has closed. But the brewers at 1800 Ord Way expect to be making beer again soon. On January 5th, Oceanside's first brewery used social media posts to announce it would close ...

Angelika kicks off yearlong Leading Ladies series

Classics screen on the second Monday of every month

It’s always nice to begin the new year on a repertorial note, even one as safe as the Leading Ladies series that begins tonight at the Angelika Film Center. While it’s not a bad list ...

Rockfish closed, sculpin open as yellowtail and tuna still on the chew

How to avoid poisonous spines

Dock Totals Dec 31 – Jan 6: 1,554 anglers aboard 66 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 160 bluefin tuna, 943 yellowtail, 84 calico bass, 220 sand bass, 1,639 rockfish, 10 ...

Beat the eagles and osprey

Lake Jennings night fishing

In San Diego County, night-fishing is usually not available until summer catfish season; most lakes close at sunset. But trout, largemouth bass and channel and blue catfish feed at night. The fish can cruise the ...