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Christmas king tides ravage Cardiff by the Sea

South of Chart House sand from San Elijo Lagoon washed away

Christmas Day was not kind to the beaches of San Diego County. The strong wind and rainy day saw ravaging king tides, which washed away sand and flooded parking lots and low-lying areas. The National ...

You suck, Scrooge

What do we make of a transformative story such as A Christmas Carol?

A Christmas Carol at Cygnet is unique in that the book and lyrics were adapted by Cygnet co-founder Sean Murray, with music by frequent Cygnet collaborator Billy Thompson. This year marks the fifth the show ...

The other truth

“How did I become a Flat Earth believer?”

Rosie Gutierrez is 33, looks 23, and is not easily dissuaded. She’s a trainee nurse, wife, mother, works in a restaurant to pay the bills, and, oh, by the way, believes that the earth is ...

Secret art of Dr. Seuss, Scavanger hunt: A Puzzling Drive, Donavon Frankenreiter, Hay ride and local wine, Smooth Jazz Festival

Events December 27, 2018-January 2, 2019

Thursday | 27 Secret art of Dr. Seuss Throughout his lifetime, Theodor Seuss Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) created paintings and sculptures which he secreted away at the Dr. Seuss Estate. This whimsical exhibit will share ...

San Diego – Democrat stronghold?

L.A. Times to follow U-T down T.V. sinkhole

Left turn only The surprisingly lop-sided victory of Democrat Jen Campbell over eight-year Republican incumbent Lorie Zapf in San Diego’s second district city council race last month is boosting liberal interest in taking two of ...

Caravan reporters invade Tijuana

“It is our duty to inform the people"

Chingue su madre todos esos Hondureños.” those were the first words I heard spoken over a loud speaking as I approached the area where the caravan of migrants arrived, Sunday, November 18th. The source of ...

Six-figure incompetence at Lincoln High

Myeshia Etia Whigham earned $124,829 in pay and benefits; principal Jose Soto Ramos, $182,307

According to, Myeshia Etia Whigham earned $124,829 in pay and benefits in 2017. Meanwhile, principal Jose Soto Ramos was at the taxpayer trough for $182,307 just last year alone. Are we getting our money’s ...

Shyrehl Wesley leaves best friend's body on Twin Oaks Valley Rd.

Why do good girls love bad boys?

“I attracted a lot of women, yes,” Shyrehl Wesley testified in October of 2018. “I do believe that men are the dominant ones in a relationship with a woman.” Wesley turned in the witness box ...

Last day

“Nobody thought this was the right choice”

Michael Schmid has decided to end his life. I first met Michael at the Café Madrid in Coronado. First thing you notice are his electric-blue eyes. The next is his soft voice, which makes you ...

Crossing an invisible line

These days, it’s Forged in Fire marathons and conspriacy theories

Dear Hipster: Although you’ve always made it abundantly clear there is no one-size-fits-all definition of hipster, we can all agree that hipsters are largely identified by what they do, whatever that may be. Some magic ...

A park built on a fault line in East Village

Fault Line Park is a strand of the Rose Canyon Fault system

Fault Line Park, the first public park in East Village, is adjacent to two high-rise apartment complexes on its east side. It is a public park because no structures for human occupancy can be built ...

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