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Tacos next to Old Town cemetery

Waitress didn't get the pina colada joke

Tahona Bar in Old Town is one of those places that is going to get a lot of jokes, just because of its location: next to the Old Town cemetery. “Tahona? I’m dying to go ...

'Tis the season’s most rewarding ale

More than 40 local breweries tap hallowed brewer’s recipe for fire relief

If you’re a San Diego beer fan visiting breweries this winter, you may notice the same beer keep showing up on tasting room menus: Resilience Butte County Proud IPA. Your eyes do not deceive you. ...

Those were the days

We see the family change as the years go by — moving backwards

With 2019 only weeks away, I watched world premiere play The Year to Come open at the La Jolla Playhouse. Every scene in the play takes place at a family New Year’s Eve party, and ...

You’re going to need a Wrapmaster

“Reindeer bunny wrap... is great for both kids and adults.”

Holiday madness is upon me. My biggest challenge is gift wrapping. By the time all the shopping is done, wrapping can feel like a cruel joke. Veteran wrappers offered me advice. “Buy a Wrapmaster!” commanded ...

Finest City Improv jumps from Lafayette to Sixth Ave.

Heart of Hillcrest gets long-form comedy

Earlier this year, news broke that a longtime eatery in North Park, The Red Fox Steakhouse and Piano Bar, was going to vacate its current location in the Lafayette Hotel. It came as a surprise ...

Gray Whales, Spaceman of Ocean Beach Art Show, Ice Slides and Giant Gingerbread House, Always... Patsy Cline, El Vez

Events December 20-December 26, 2018

Thursday | 20 Can you spot a Gray? Gray whales, known for migrating the longest distance of any mammal on earth, travel winter to spring,­ from feeding grounds in Alaskan waters to calving lagoons in ...

Tijuana's deadliest year

2300 murders so far

Sexta and violence The article (“Tijuana desensitized to violence”, Neighborhood News, December 4) stated there were more than 2176 murders in Tijuana. From when to when? I assume from the start of the year until ...

A hard sit

You can escape Nazis, but you can’t escape family

Sometimes novelists tell a story backward, from finish to start. In theater, “reverse chronology” is rare. Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, one of the few successes, begins after the end of an affair and backpedals seven years ...

San Diego's tallest buildings – higher and higher

Downtown will never be the same

When I buy my ticket to True Romance at Rooftop Cinema Club, I have visions of vertigo from the thrill of the rise to the top of the Manchester Grand Hyatt. I am not yet ...


He only chases free-range, grass-fed mice

Hey D.J. Check out this picture I found of “Catster.” I guess that’s like a “Hip-Cat!” So, if this were in the Reader, I guess it would be like asking the question, “If there are ...

Mission Beach Town Council stakes are big

Are rental owners stacking the membership?

Matt Gardner, whose shop Cheap Rentals on Mission Boulevard ¾ of a mile north of the roller coaster rents bikes, surfboards, and other beach equipment, will be the new president of the Mission Beach Town ...

Faulconer takes money from Liberty Station chapel team

And then writes warning to them

Chapel of the lobbyists As an irate citizenry mustered to save the historic Naval Training Center’s house of worship from conversion to a bar and eatery, San Francisco developer Scott Seligman, who controls the property, ...

Climb a mini peak in rural East County

Donohoe Mountain is surrounded by a multitude of trails

Tucked into the foothills of Otay Mountain, this unassuming peaklet provides a quick getaway if you have just a couple of hours but want to escape the crowds and enjoy views of mountains near and ...

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