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Garrett Harris outs self as Christian

What is San Diego Opera telling us?

All is Calm is beginning to become a holiday tradition in San Diego. This is the third year in a row the show about the 1914 Christmas Eve Truce has been produced in San Diego. ...

Beer's still cheap in La Jolla

Rock Bottom has been doing this twenty years

I hit Rock Bottom on a Wednesday night — the one that’s been succeeding at the brewpub thing on La Jolla Village Drive for 20 years this year. The official name is Rock Bottom Restaurant ...

The cast could do much more

Doug’s ghost practically taunts Mike with forgiveness

Clint Black, country music star, produced his sixth studio album in 1995. Looking for Christmas explores the feelings the holidays generate, from standing “Under the Mistletoe,” to the wise, self-deprecating, “Slow as Christmas”: “Every Christmas ...

The inseparability of church and theater

It’s always been a pretty dysfunctional parent-child relationship

I arrived at the theater dressed in my usual inconspicuous black dress pants, simple blouse, and low heels, only to realize immediately that I hadn’t gotten the memo. Among all the red and sparkles, I ...

Discussion on Commonwealth, Devil at Nativity Scene, Search for Tri-Colored Blackbird, Pets in Costumes, Roosevelt

Events December 13-December 19, 2018

Thursday | 13 Don't need to read the book Discussion on Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, the story of how an unexpected romantic encounter irrevocably changes two families’ lives. Bert Cousins shows up at Franny Keating’s ...

Not laziness, not mental illness, not alcoholism, and not mental illness

But the city tearing down 22,000 low-income housing rentals

Tearing down the house I enjoyed reading Elizabeth Salaam’s article in City Lights, “Homeless invade, pollute, ignite Fox Canyon” (City Lights, December 5) and do not dispute it whatsoever. It is the job of an ...

Those Zapf entrepreneurs

Last free meals for Myrtle Cole

Chip off the old politico San Diego city councilwoman Lorie Zapf lost her Second District seat to Jen Campbell after a bitter battle of independent expenditure committees, but Zapf’s daughter Tana kept her job with ...

Carmel Valley accidental pond to be drained

Government needs wetlands north of 56

More than 17 years ago, land owner Robert Barczewski had a grading crew push a pile of dirt into a dip in a dirt road on his private property in northern Carmel Valley. The dip ...

Lincoln High School was designed to fail

Teddy Bear won't back down

A father of two former Lincoln High School students says San Diego Unified School District filed false criminal charges against him after he started speaking out against the district for their failures to protect children ...

Lester Bangs birthday bash

“He was always rebellious about church, school, and top 40 music.”

“Many in El Cajon and La Mesa are committed to making this an annual event, kind of like a Mother Goose Parade for rock music aficionados,” says English professor Raul Sandelin, organizer of the First ...

It’s a trap

Like reading one of those timeshare advertisements that promise free island getaways

Dear Hipster: What would you say if you were walking downtown and you saw a pink poster in the window of an apartment complex advertising “Hip Apartments for Lease” alongside another pink poster of a ...

Theater of war

“There goes a certified hero.”

I spot him walking his bike along the avenue, downtown Coronado, Sunday morning. Blue and white Hawaiian shirt, jeans, spikey gray hair, Beach Cruiser bike, heading for a coffee at Café 1134. I’d asked to ...

We’ll help Trump build the wall

“The press makes us look evil, criminals. But we come in peace."

“The Hondurans aren’t bad, but their effect is ba-ad,” says Jorge. He’s driving me in his taxi from downtown Tijuana to the caravan’s rained-out encampment. “Now, I wait two hours for a job. It used ...

Enjoy a walk on the mild side

Rose Marie Starns South Shores Park is one of Mission Bay's nicer public walks

San Diego is blessed with many nice public walks, and this is one of the nicer ones, because it hugs the south shore of Mission Bay opposite Fiesta Island. It is named for Rose Marie ...

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