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San Diego brewer spews dust at Telefónica

No lagers made there yet because of water filtration

When I bump into SouthNorte brewer Ryan Brooks, he’s covered in dust. The result of milling grain before a brew day, he explains. We’re on the patio of the Coronado Brewing tasting room in Bay ...

Private prison $10K goes to Lincoln Club

And Lincoln Club antes up $5,000 for Voice of San Diego

San Diego politics, not always considered a charitable calling, has of late been the source of thousands of dollars given to some local non-profits by committees as November's election time grows near. While most campaign ...

Paddle boarders pinned down

Two swimmers – one naked – transported to county mental health

Sept 22 Harbor Police responded to the A-3 Anchorage and investigated a theft of some rigging from a moored vessel. The stolen rigging is used to hoist dinghies up to the stern of a vessel. ...

The most flavor for your buck

All-you-can-eat East African food

Flavors of East Africa was already known to sambusa-loving farmers market regulars when it opened a permanent restaurant on El Cajon Boulevard about eight years back. Since that time, it’s moved a couple doors down ...

I'll take Germans for the win

A poll of conductors on their all-time faves

We have unanimous confirmation of German superiority via WQXR. WQXR is a New York public radio entity which has been a standard bearer for the arts over the past several decades. In a poll of ...

Reader fish man drives further south into Baja

Washboard tooth-clatterer road is now paved

Dock Totals Sept 23 – Sept 29: 5,557 anglers aboard 250 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 310 bluefin tuna, 12,327 yellowfin tuna, 7,361 skipjack tuna, 11 bigeye tuna, 847 dorado, ...

Oceanaire a chain, but with some local nuance

$55 seabass, $49 halibut

“Not all chain restaurants are the same,” my friend told me while biting into a crispy piece of calamari. “Some chains just go for the quick buck with mega-meals. Others want that fast casual meal ...

Look for change in east Hillcrest

Action spreads beyond west end of University Avenue

While leasing of retail spaces is part of the usual business activity on University Avenue in Hillcrest, you don’t see many buildings for sale there. Landlords like the monthly income, and you can raise the ...

Rose Creek was worst of the Clairemont parks

Help clean it up this weekend

In the 1850s, San Diego pioneer Louis Rose maintained cattle and a ranch house in Rose Canyon, utilizing the canyon’s stream to water his animals. As the town grew up around the creek and Mission ...

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