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Crossword puzzle — Don't even try

Sorry, Reader readers

Due to error by Reader staff, we mis-matched the puzzle with the clues in this week's (March 15) issue.

People here are crazy smart

Rough Draft taps into UCSD grad students

Six years ago this month, Rough Draft Brewing opened as something like the 37th craft brewery in San Diego. Today there are over 150. "I didn't know that we would have 100 breweries open up ...

The stupidest thing I've heard all year

Altos want to sing tenor roles. Here we go.

Give the arts enough time and zero resistance and they will confuse madness with innovation. Let’s look at the macro and then zoom into the micro. From a macro point of view, Russian composers dominated ...

Oceanside Monarch vs. Encinitas Monarch

Name-sharing leads to confusion

The Metal Monarch is none too pleased. Monarch is an Encinitas-based Allman Brothers–ish instrumental jam band. They released their album Two Isles in 2016. One problem: there was another band named Monarch that had been ...

San Diego Latino Film Festival turns 25

Telenovelas no, melodramas sí

Before congratulating Moisés Esparza, Programming Manager for the San Diego Latino Film Festival and Digital Gym, on this year’s outstanding lineup, let’s unleash a whole lotta love in the direction of festival papa Ethan Van ...

Half snuff film, half exploitative grindhouse

Films that never fail

Hated (USA, 1993, Skinny Nervous Guy Productions) is a great documentary the way that The Godfather Part II is a great movie or Moby Dick is a great book. They illustrate a story of a ...

Cirque du Hipster

If you have to ask about the cool thing, then you're probably not sufficiently into it

Hipster: So, are there any notable hipster events held anywhere? Craft-beer festivals don’t count. Beard contests, obscure craft hobbies and art on display, booths with books of unheard-of authors, single-speed bike races? I think this ...

Crazy when there were mosh pits

UCSD's Ché Cafe to re-open

After a long dormancy that involved a threatened eviction, a widespread community reaction, and a last-minute rescue from chancellor Pradeep Kholsa, UCSD’s Che Café will finally reopen after a year of being shuttered. “We’re waiting ...

As potent today as it was in 1987

A truth serum about capitalism

“How much is enough, Gordon?” Bud Fox asks his boss, Gordon Gekko. That quote encompasses exactly what Wall Street (USA, 1987, 20th Century Fox) is about. Gekko wants it all and even that’s not enough. ...

The easiest instrument in the world to play

“Nothing difficult in wiring a lunchbox at all"

“Ukulele is the easiest musical instrument in the world to learn and play,” says Ukulele Ray, Fender’s first sponsored ukulele artist. “With a single finger on a single string, one can create a chord, with ...

The call came while in Mexican orphanage

“Be a Jesuit”

Membership: 1,300 families registered (3,000 attendance per weekend) Pastor: John Auther, SJ Age: 60 Born: Phoenix, AZ Formation: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles; Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain; Jesuit School of Theology-Santa Clara University, Berkeley ...

Ex-SEAL turned private investigator

Two of my favorite shows

I’m a sci-fi and anime fan, so people are often surprised that two of my favorite shows are Magnum P.I. and I Love Lucy. I think these shows are so original that they can’t be ...

Does Nati's new owner have his eye on nearby parcels?

Who Nati and her husband were

On March 12, Save Our Heritage Organisation responded to the city regarding Nati's proposal to demolish its shopping center. They strongly assert that Nati's mid-century modern style shopping center, located at 1852-1866 Bacon Street, is ...

Wooing the ad-shy hipster

There is only one thing a Ferrari attracts: other dudes

Dear Hipster: What is the deal with advertising to hipsters? I would think that hipsters would be immune from marketing ploys, if for no other reason than hipsters wouldn’t want to purchase something so mainstream ...

San Diego Symphony, like a comet

Symphony Hall became Mother Mahler's home for the sick and dying

Over the course of any endeavor there are highs and lows, peaks which reveal unimaginable vistas and dark crevices full of creatures which are less than benevolent. With the San Diego Symphony the crevices are ...

Two more abuse victims in Carlsbad

District paid $1.8 million to two others

In 2010 third-grade teacher from Carlsbad, Raymond Firth, pleaded guilty to fondling two of his students. In exchange for the plea, the district attorney's office agreed to drop six counts of child molestation. In 2012 ...

There's no booze in this gose

Unique fermentations for a beer counterculture

Booze is kind of a nebulous term to describe fermented and/or distilled beverages. So it seems fitting that Vista beer company, Booze Brothers Brewing Co., would spin-off a brand of beverages that hang at the ...

Bridgepoint splits company

One part will be non-profit

Bridgepoint Education, San Diego’s troubled and controversial for-profit education company, on March 13 said it will split into two parts — and one part will be non-profit. Bridgepoint’s Ashford University and University of the Rockies ...

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