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"Every 500 years, God has a great big rummage sale."

Membership: 170 Pastor: Sharon Graff Age: 62 Born: Hemet Formation: Northwest Christian College, Eugene, OR; Claremont School of Theology, Claremont; San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Francisco Years Ordained: 33 San Diego Reader: What’s your favorite ...

Morse's marvelous meeting place

Everything is designed to bring people together in this delightful natural setting

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens was designed and largely constructed by the environmental artist and contractor Bryan Morse, as well as by a host of dedicated volunteers. It is a work in progress and completely dependent ...

American Mariachi at the Old Globe

Our most accomplished musicians don’t show up in mainstream culture

Occasionally, an experience forces me to reflect on just how much American culture has twisted around what we pay attention to in music. And I don’t know whether to be proud or disturbed. Manufactured pop ...

Young orthodox marrieds, fighting ships, avocados, midday peace

Events April 12-18, 2018

Thursday | 12 The Wanderers Esther and Yoni, young orthodox Jews, just began their arranged marriage. They are so shy they barely know each other. Julia and Abe, celebs, though married to other people, have ...

The remembered dead

Spring Street memorials in La Mesa

The Rodeway Inn at the intersection of Spring and Gateside in south La Mesa burned in 2015. But its freestanding roadside sign still advertises the “new management, complimentary breakfast, and free WiFi” at the “home ...

Small Town Heroes: A good vintage music show

"We made a financial decision to not be loud"

The Small Town Heroes are not about Marshall stacks, power chords or booming bass lines you can actually feel. They’re about traditional country. “Asleep at the Wheel are our foundation,” says founder Kevin Williams, referencing ...

Are these new college grads ready for life in overpriced San Diego?

"Girl, you have no income, why would I rent to you?"

When my husband and I moved to San Diego from Lawrence, Kansas, upon him receiving his first “real job” out of college, we assumed what normal Midwesterners would — that we would live in an ...

Tequila is like wine

Finding gold at Patron's Corner

The Easter Bunny slipped a bottle of Fortaleza reposado tequila into the bright blue English watering can that doubled as my wife’s Easter basket this year. He deigned to plunk a bottle of Casa Noble ...

Y'all best stick to beer and booze

The wine world has no room for hipsters

Dear Hipster: Between discourses on the early days of the hipster-PBR relationship, paeans to the superiority of snooty craft beer, or nostalgic returns to traditional dad beers (e.g. Narragansett in the North East, Natty Boh ...

D.A. Summer Stephan's incumbent protection plan

plus: Grassroots group hires lobbyists

A political committee run and mainly funded by a payroll tithing plan for prosecutors in the district attorney’s office has picked up a donation from the political action committee of the Sheet Metal Workers Local ...

Trump's hefty military budget

...will boost San Diego's economy

No wonder San Diego is called a Navy town. Federal military spending in San Diego on uniformed and civilian payrolls, along with veterans, is almost entirely related to the Navy, and half of military contract ...

Want to build condos? Pay the pol

An army of influences peddlers marches on city hall

Steve Cushman, whose family’s Riverwalk Golf Course’s imminent conversion into condos and commercial space by Houston, Texas-based Hines development hinges on city hall approval, has just kicked in major money to this year’s reelection bid ...

Overstimulated at Comic Con

plus: Where's Wildomar, Putin's Pravda, deformed seagulls, Mi vida loca, more

Overstimulated at Comic In all due respect (“WonderCon ‚“ The way Comic-Con used to be,” Neighborhood News, March 30).... 1) San Diego Comic Con International owns Wondercon. 2) Most conventions these days are going to ...

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