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Aug 20

07:57 - Medical: 700 North Jetty Rd. 20 year-old male with burns. Lifeguard, medical and emergency units respond to South Mission Beach. Medical to UCSD.

08:22 - Medical: 13 year-old female nausea & dizziness from stingray at 8302 Camino Del Oro, La Jolla Shores lifeguard tower. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond. Patient released against medical advice

09:25 - Boating: Illegal anchoring in San Juan Cove. 22 ft. runabout with ski racks. Lifeguard boat unit responds. Vessel posted for impound. Vessel gone by 11:45.

12:38 - Boating: 2 personal watercraft in the surf in Ocean Beach. Lifeguard boat units respond. Citations issued to both vessels.

14:42 - Medical: Chest pain 8 miles of Mission Bay. Lifeguards receive call via VHF. Lifeguard boat unit responds and deploys crew onto the vessel Cross Roads. Lifeguard boat unit escorts Cross Roads to the reception dock. Emergency and Medical respond to reception dock. Medical to Scripps La Jolla.

1627 - Medical: Arterial bleed from sting ray wound at South Mission Beach. 25 year-old male. Emergency and Medical respond. Medical to Scripps La Jolla.

22:03 - Medical: 25 year-old male seizures on vessel Seawatch. VHF 16 call. Lifeguard boat unit responds to middle of channel to escort Seawatch to Lifeguard reception dock. Emergency and medical respond to LGHQ. Lifeguard meets fire and medical on dock Medical to Mercy.

Aug 19

Harbor Patrol were dispatched to an adrift dinghy in the area of the Anti-Submarine Warfare Base. The dinghy was impounded for being a hazard to navigation and stored at the Harbor Patrol Impound dock.

11:16- Swimming: Stand up paddleboard and a swimmer mid-Mission Bay Channel entrance trying to cross. Lifeguard boat unit on scene and calls it clear.

13:45 - Medical: Stingray injury at Blacks Beach. Lifeguard on scene, clear with routine treatment.

15:10 - Swimming: 3 water rescues at Ventura Cove. Lifeguards, boat unit on scene to assist.

15:38 - Other: Hazmat, 2 buckets of white powder on the beach at Hidden Anchorage. Lifeguard, emergency and SDFD Hazmat/County Hazmat on scene. Possibly magnesium, Fire handles.

17:41 - Boating: Vessel accident, possible boating under the influence at Mariners Cove. Lifeguard, boat unit and medical on scene. Suspect taken into custody, boat unit impounds vessel.

Aug 18

Harbor Patrol responded to the Harbor Island area for a person who fell off their rented Jet Ski and was unable to get back on it. Harbor Patrol arrived and placed the subject onboard the Harbor Patrol vessel due to him being in the water for over 40 minutes. Harbor Patrol transported the subject back to the rental agency.

10:52 - Medical: Stingray at Tourmaline. 48 year-old female. Routine stingray treatment by lifeguard.

12:02 - Other: 34 year-old female, suicide attempt at Sunset Cliffs & Bermuda St. Lifeguard and SDPD boat units respond. Unable to locate.

13:03 - Boating: Personal watercraft not running; overturned at Ski Beach. Lifeguards, boat units and SDPD boat respond. Watercraft righted and given courtesy tow to Ski Beach dock.

13:32 - Boating: Overturned sailboat in Mission Bay Channel mouth. Lifeguard Jet Ski and boat unit respond. Sailboat cleared itself.

14:42 - Medical: Unknown medical aid at Marina Village. 78 year-old female. Lifeguard, medical units respond. Medical to Scripps La Jolla.

15:25 - Medical: Bee sting at Blacks Beach. 25 year-old female, no aid needed.

20:13 - Other: People trapped by the tide at Torrey Pines State Beach. City, State lifeguards and helicopter unit respond. Victims found and accounted for.

20:40 - Swimming: Person in distress holding onto the piling under crystal pier. Lifeguards, rescue and SDPD respond. Person rescued. SDPD takes person to detox.

Aug 17

Harbor Patrol Responded to the Shelter Island launch ramp for an adrift dinghy that was a hazard to navigation for the seal tours using the ramp. The dinghy was impounded and stored at the Harbor Patrol Impound dock.

1648 - Medical: Fainting episode at La Jolla Shores. Lifeguards, Fire and Medics respond. Patient released against medical advice.

18:47 - Medical: Wrist injury at Windansea on a 25 year-old female involved in a fall. Lifeguards, Fire and Medics respond. Medical transports patient to Sharp Memorial.

Aug 16

12:19 - Boating: Sunken kayak in distress off Avenida de la Playa. Lifeguard Jet Ski, boat units respond and assist kayak and occupants back to shore.

15:23 - Medical: Lifeguard unit requests medics for a 24 year-old male suffering from a drug overdose. Medical and tower guards to handle with no further assistance from other lifeguards.

15:16 - Swimming: Lifeguard requests a bay boat to investigate a swimmer in distress off Crown Point. Crown Point guard assists swimmer back to shore with lifeguard boat unit.

18:37 - Medical: Ocean Beach lifeguards requests medics for an adult male suffering from chest pain. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond. Patient released against medical advice.

Aug 15

Harbor Patrol responded to the Kona Kai Marina to investigate a kayak being stolen from a vessel.

-A Harbor Patrol vessel unit on patrol came across a small fishing vessel that was in gear, the bow aground and facing Naval Base Coronado. Upon closer inspection they located the owner - operator who was passed out at the helm. After an investigation, it was found that the operator was under the influence (almost three times legal limit) and was subsequently arrested for boating under the influence.

15:56 - Medical: Unconscious male under Ocean Beach Pier. Lifeguard, SDPD, emergency and medical units on scene. Patient clear, just sleeping

Aug 14

Harbor Patrol issued a citation to a boater that was illegally anchored (no permit) in the A-5 Glorietta Bay Anchorage.

12:06 - Medical: Lifeguard, fire and medical units respond to foot of Law St. for a 48 year-old male “who can’t feel feet.” Medical to Scripps La Jolla.

14:50 - Enforcement: Lifeguards respond to foot of Brighton St. for public intoxication (male) near Little Rock Jetty. SDPD detox run.

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