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Otay Ranch charter school could lose campus

Court says local authorization required for Temecula-based operation

More than 400 students attending Otay Ranch Academy of Arts, a charter school located on the Mater Dei property in eastern Chula Vista, might lose their campus if the Chula Vista Elementary School District refuses ...

Craft beer seeps into new neighborhoods

Benchmark, Culture, Eppig, Kensington carve out territories

The growing trend among beer companies to open satellite taprooms in commercial districts is bringing a craft-brewery presence to neighborhoods that didn't previously haven't one. There were 20 off-site tasting rooms at the beginning of ...

Everybody is a little bit racist

Avenue Q at the OB Playhouse

Avenue Q brings its irreverent version of Sesame Street to the OB Playhouse through September 17th. Written by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx way back in 2002, the bawdy puppets still feel fresh and timely. ...

Dave Roberts never apologized to Kristin Gaspar

Former county supervisor sued for defamation

The husband of San Diego County supervisor Kristin Gaspar says his wife's former opponent, Dave Roberts, defamed him and his business in an attempt to win the election. Paul Gaspar, owner of Gaspar Physical Therapy, ...

San Diego no place for greedy home-sellers

Markets in other West Coast cities more profitable

Home-sellers in West Coast cities are getting the highest return on their investment in the nation, according to However, San Diego lags the other big cities on the West Coast. Oakland is first, for ...

Border candyman can...with one leg, no problem

“It’s been 20 years since I had the accident.”

Puente El Chaparral is the bridge that goes over the smelly Tijuana River that thousands of pedestrian border-crossers and tourists use daily from downtown to the PedWest border. The access goes through a caged dark ...

One less market for Golden Hill

“I started working there when I was 11.”

One of the two full-service grocery stores in Golden Hill, Miller’s Market, will soon close for redevelopment. Slated to be demolished, the store has been in business for over 50 years. The lot on the ...

Hepatitis in them canyons

“I would never allow volunteers to do this type of cleaning.”

“I got my [hepatitis A] shot at Kaiser last Friday [September 1],” Linda Pennington said. “My arm was incredibly sore for about ten minutes from my bicep to my wrist.” She said that a day ...

Perfect for a heat wave

Cold Peruvian soups and cold drinks at Liberty Station

Between now and mid-November, San Diego is likely to have the hottest days of the year. I love heat waves, but they usually don’t inspire cravings for anything other than ice cream. That’s why I’ve ...

New mom dies at 39

Lawsuit vs. Sharp Mary Birch for discharging postnatal patient early

The husband of a woman who died days after a pediatric doctor discharged her has filed a lawsuit. On August 19, 2016, Dahlia Salinas Tatman, then in her third trimester of pregnancy, was admitted to ...

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