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Ocean Beach — seven blocks surrounded by reality

"This isn't PB"

As I walk among the pastel buildings of Newport Avenue as evening approaches, it’s not hard to tell why Ocean Beach is identified by locals and tourists alike as the most relaxed, bohemian neighborhood in ...

Mansur al-Hallaj — Sufi mystic

Executed by Islamic authorities

I entered unannounced into Hallaj’s room one day (says Ibn Fatik); someone had been in before me. Hallaj was in prayer, and his brow pressed to the ground, he was saying: O Thou Whose closeness ...

A little bit country, a lot of lobbying

Issa crew members get a trip to SoundExchange

Two staffers for North County Republican congressman Darrell Issa — picking up heat from local Democrats who aspire to unseat him come next year — have been singing a happier tune in Nashville. The pair, ...

High balling

Hundreds of Golden 1 Center tickets go to city officials

Erin Donnette, legislative director for GOP state assemblyman Brian Maienschein, copped two free tickets to an April 9 Sacramento Kings vs. Houston Rockets basketball game worth $401.66, thanks to telecommunications giant AT&T, according to the ...

The last black man in Barrio Logan?

Filmmaker, studio owner offers alternative to the internet

The Holyfield, which started providing free studio time to local residents at the now-defunct Thchrch (2185 Logan Avenue), wants to be in Barrio Logan — though it doesn’t always make money. “We charge when we ...

A new addiction at the Nectar Room

The glowing corner of 14th and C

That Theresa Gunn. She is something else. I’ve just come reeling out of the Saville Theatre at City College where her students have been telling it like you can hardly believe it is. Performances of ...

The irrelevance of the Yellow Pages

You might as well not exist

Dear Hipster: Welp, I got the new Yellow Pages the other day. But, why? I feel like it’s the biggest waste of paper in the world. I literally carried it straight from my doorstep to ...

Remembering Jerry Lewis

A first-hand account

The elevator doors parted just in time for me to spy the hotel maid emptying the contents of a garbage can into the housekeeper’s trolley. We exchanged smiles as she passed, the opulent carpeting of ...

Meat-eating metalheads the minority in Cave Bastard

"I got a little sick. I had to deal with some gut problems.”

The only known San Diego casualty caused by Hurricane Harvey was Cave Bastard’s August 26 show in San Antonio. The extreme metal band’s tour of nine southwestern cities intersected with the catastrophic storm. They learned ...

Burk's Bench — even better than Fonts Point

Palm Springs developer lost interest in Borrego

Most folks who drive or hike up Fonts Point Wash head to the spectacular viewpoint 4.8 miles from Highway S-22. It is one of the most scenic and popular viewpoints in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, ...

Reggae, in person

May not be much on the radio, but Synrgy finds an audience

This year’s Beer X fest August 12 at Waterfront Park had the same music/beer/food components as last year’s Beer X, but turnout was different. It drew a sell-out 8500, three times more attendees than last ...

New music coming your way

Concerts by Black Star, Lawrence Rothman, Red Fang, Korey Dane

Back in the late ‘90s when hip-hop duo Black Star first surfaced with their only album, Yasiin Bey was still known as Mos Def and fellow Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli wasn’t really known much at ...

Bass with bbb-ba-bump-bbb-bom-bub-ba bump

Giving secrets to Mingus when he wasn’t great yet

Emeline (For Buddy Collete) I want to go out through a poem Give a little whistle like Buddy Collete and Herbie Mann speaking Switch my woodwind from flute to sax Then back to swing of ...

Coava’s coming to town...go elsewhere for batch brew

Portland coffee roaster opening at Westin Hotel

Coava Coffee may not be a household name, but in the world of specialty coffee, it’s always positioned at or near the top of any list ranking the best coffee roasters in Portland, Oregon. And ...

Everything is a duck in a fedora

I bet you wish that you thought of it first

Dear Hipster: Is a waffle just a hipster pancake? — Anna Dear Hipster: Isn’t a goose basically a hipster duck? — Francis Hipster: Is rugby just hipster football? — Steve, City Heights Dear Hipster: Are ...

Big Toe’s big show

"I think he just wanted to see me eat with my feet!”

“I’m going to Miami to be on a popular Telemundo show, on the heels of an arena tour with Maná,” said Mark E. Goffeney just before taping his TV appearance on August 31. The frontman ...

San Diego blues, beer, burgers, and Brazil (Day)

Plus three days of horrible movies

Friday | 8 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival is a celebration and exploration of horror, sci-fi, and dark-fantasy cinema and literature. The eighth-annual event kicks off with a focus on local ...

State senate bill may dismantle bail industry

Opponents say it will cost billions and remove “a human touch”

When Cali Jones (an alias she suggested) found herself in jail for a second time for methamphetamine possession, “The cops took my son away from me,” a sobbing Jones tells the bail bondsman by phone ...

DeMaio gasses up

Turning back governor Jerry Brown’s gasoline-tax hike

Ex-San Diego city councilman Carl DeMaio, who got into the radio talk-show business following his defeat by Democratic incumbent Scott Peters in a bitter 2016 La Jolla congressional race, is out raising money to turn ...

How did we get on the cover?

And Redbeard is called a fraud

Correction: In last week’s Blurt about the movie and music of Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World [August 30], Sarah Milan’s ancestry was misattributed. She actually has both Choctaw and Apache blood stemming back ...

A swim with the Sharks and Dennis Quaid — CANCELED

A celeb band that won't necessarily trip your odious meter

After publishing this preview, the Dennis Quaid and the Sharks show was canceled so a benefit could be held for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Art imitates life, which is busy imitating art: not exactly ...

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