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Proposed AIDS memorial for Olive Street

Intended park land bequeathed to city nearly 100 years ago

The announcement on September 9th that the San Diego AIDS Memorial Task Force had selected a site — 20 years after the first such task force got underway — isn’t sitting well with some community ...

No ups or downs with Chinese tapas

Shanghai Bun on Rosecrans

As I've driven through Shelter Island in the past six months or so, I keep noticing the sign for Shanghai Bun, a new Chinese food place on Rosecrans. It's not the restaurant's name that catches ...

Lake Jennings spookiness just before it closes

Scripps oceanographers and Helix Water will put dye in water in November

If you see an eerie reddish tint to the water at Lake Jennings on Halloween, it’s not spooks and goblins at work; it is a result of the lake’s hydraulic mixing action being tested by ...

To the tomb of Juan Soldado

Haunting remnants of last year's visit to Tijuana's popular saint

“Tell her that her grandmother, on her mother’s side, was a powerful witch,” said Amy Venezia, pointing toward Erika the veteran bartender at Nelson. “Let her know that she wasn’t a bad witch, she was ...