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Booze fest nicks blueprint from beer fest

Spirits by the Bay to be the first of its kind liquor-tasting event

The beer festival has become a fixture in the San Diego events landscape. Not a month goes by without a festival featuring local beers, and most months there are several. However, October 14th, a boozy ...

North Park glory at hand

Stevens-Hartley building entered in national restoration contest

The Stevens-Hartley Annex on University Avenue was built in 1926. If San Diego wins the #VoteYourMainStreet contest, the structure would be eligible to “a share of $2 million in American Express funding for preservation projects,” ...

Solution for 12th & Imperial clock problem

Transit center in Old Town also needed time management

When folks heading for the 12th & Imperial Transit Center would look up at the southeasterly face of the four-sided clock tower, the face visible from 13th Street and National Avenue, it would read 8:45. ...

Another surfer-turned-manufacturer

Asymmetry in 1999, finless boards now

Carl Ekstrom began surfing in 1948, four years after his brother, Woody, had mastered the sport at Windansea, from where the family was nearly forced to move after their rent was raised from $12 to ...

Fight night in Paradise Hills

'40s flashback with cars, art, duds, food, and slugfest

Parked outside of the House of Boxing venue on September 30 was a 1935 San Diego police paddywagon with two guys holding faux tommy guns. One guy was wearing a classic zoot suit, the other, ...

San Diego hepatitis carrier caused mass outbreak in Arizona

Downtown infectious disease conventioneers advised to get vaccinated

With San Diego's soaring death rate from hepatitis A, where better to hold IDWeek — a big-money infectious disease convention featuring the nation's top epidemic experts — than the tony reaches of the city’s downtown ...

Farm eating — the life for me

Rescued vegetables at Carmel Valley's Mendocino Farms

In the fast casual restaurant space, convenience and consistency is often the goal more than transcendent eating experiences. But places that can do all three can shine. Case in point: Mendocino Farms, an L.A.-based chain ...

Rumor: NFL wants Chargers to return to San Diego

Team lost to Eagles yesterday

Green Philadelphia Eagles fans jerseys outnumbered Chargers fans' regalia yesterday (October 1) at the Chargers' new L.A. home. Eagles fans loudly disrupted Chargers signals and cheered the Eagles while booing the Chargers. The Chargers lost ...

Fewer anglers but still getting the exotic species

The shallows have been turning out California corbina and barred surf perch

Saltwater Dock Totals Sept 24 – Sept 30: 4,080 anglers aboard 175 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 113 bluefin tuna, 5,312 yellowfin tuna, 567 skipjack tuna, 825 dorado, 1,215 yellowtail, ...

Scuffle with box-cutter at murder memorial

"They got into a physical fight and were rolling around on the street.”

“I’m done — [Sonny] just died in our canyon [and] everybody liked him a lot,” Jane said, “and his girlfriend is expecting — he was going to be a father.” Twenty-nine-year-old Sonny Gonzalez was stabbed ...

San Diego police to deliver ShotSpotter report

Gunfire detection system works 16 percent of the time

The audio sensors that the San Diego Police Department installed to alert them to gunfire in four southeastern San Diego neighborhoods works 16 percent of the time, according to data collected since the ShotSpotter system ...

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