Sashimi-grade tuna is yours for the catching; no passport required
  • Sashimi-grade tuna is yours for the catching; no passport required
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There were whisperings not long after the Excel and the Eclipse each picked up a bluefin tuna in mid-February. They were here again, and within a day or two of Point Loma. A few schools were metered, but not much more came of it until this past week. Apparently, a few private boaters have been getting them in U.S. waters within overnight range for the fleet. They were keeping it on the down-low and the word finally got out.

Due to rough seas toward Colonet, the Pacific Queen opted to stay north of the line and fish kelps and look along the high spots west of the 9 Mile Bank on the 25th. It was a good decision as they limited out on yellowtail and picked a bluefin tuna as well. The yellowtail were smallish, as was the bluefin, though they reported some in the 80-100 pound class sighted. They shortened their next trip to a full day run to the same area as opposed to their normal 1.5 day run south. Not sure if they went outside or south yet, but the Mission Belle did well on yellowtail and picked three bluefin tuna on their ¾ day run on the 25th. As long as the fish are in U.S. waters, there is no passport needed. While the run to the grounds is much shorter; both bode well for an economical trip out to get some sashimi-grade yellowtail and possibly get in on a good bluefin bite.

Top performing boats of the week

March 25: The San Diego returned from a ¾ day run with 37 anglers aboard that put 150 yellowtail in the gunnysacks. 3 bluefin tuna and 67 yellowtail were caught by the 22 anglers aboard the Mission Belle’s ¾ day run.

March 24: The San Diego on a ¾ day run with 12 anglers aboard called in a limit of 60 yellowtail. The Malihini returned from their ¾ day run carrying 13 anglers with a catch of (limits) 65 yellowtail and 28 rockfish.

March 21: 14 anglers aboard the New Seaforth’s local ½ day run scored on limits of (140) rockfish.

March 19: the Dominator called in with 80 yellowtail and 85 rockfish for the 17 anglers aboard their 1.5 day Colonet run. The Relentless took 21 anglers to the Colonet area and returned with a nice mix of 178 rockfish, 16 lingcod and 16 yellowtail in the hold.

Fish Plants: No plants scheduled this week.

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