H & M Landing's Producer, one of 17 boats with 30 anglers each
  • H & M Landing's Producer, one of 17 boats with 30 anglers each
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San Diego is the home of the world’s largest live bait sportfishing fleet.

Past Event

Western Outdoor News Offshore Jackpot

  • Thursday, June 29, 2017, midnight
  • H&M Landing, 2803 Emerson Street, San Diego
  • $275

Beginning in the 1930s, vessels have been fitted to take anglers out for deep sea fishing; tournament fishing grew in the post WWII days of relative leisure. The Bassmasters million dollar events gave rise to TV personalities that made a career out of tossing lures. They, like Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston, had their names stamped on products to the waiting angling masses. But for the average angler, tournaments were prohibitive in cost.

People found a way to compete. Longboarders and kayakers and float tubers have fishing tournaments. But what of those not water savvy enough to join them, and not wealthy enough to provide a stable offshore platform? That´s where the Western Outdoor News comes to the rescue. Their Offshore Jackpot enlists 17 sportfishing vessels carrying an average of 30 anglers each out for a full day of on-the-water competition..

All the boats are from the three landings at Scott Street: Fisherman´s Landing, Point Loma Sportfishing, and H&M. H&M Landing has 11 boats set with the Relentless, Constitution, Chief, Ocean Odyssey, Old Glory, Ranger 85, Legend, First String, Sea Adventure II, Daiwa Pacific and the Producer. Fisherman’s Landing has the Pacific Queen, Prowler, Condor and the Liberty. Point Loma Sportfishing has the New Lo An and the Dominator ready for the San Diego Offshore Jackpot. Assuming full loads on each boat, $9,500 in prize money will be doled out to the three largest fish weighed in.

The $275 cost per angler includes $20 jackpot buy-in. Thursday, June 29, midnight through 11p.m. Friday, June 30.

To book your spot, go online to the landings directly. H&M Landing, Fisherman's Landing, Point Loma Sportfishing, 619-223-1627.

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