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July 6

HP took a phone report for a subject who claimed he hired a vessel mechanic to perform some work. The subject claimed the mechanic took miscellaneous engine components and cashed checks he should not have. HP is still investigating.

July 5

HP assisted a sailboat operator who was unfamiliar with sailing in north bay. The operator was unable to keep the vessel moving through the water and it became stopped in the main shipping channel. Due to a large ship using the channel, HP had to tow the vessel and placed it on a dock.

July 4

HP issued a citation to a sailboat operator for violation of *Rule 9, Narrow Channel. The operator of the sailboat crossed in front of a car carrier ship that was exiting SD Bay causing the captain to sound 5-short blasts of the horn (danger). The operator then tacked (turned) and came back across the ships path again. The captain and port pilot had to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

HP issued a citation to a boater in the A-3 Anchorage for a registration violation.

HP was dispatched to investigate a dinghy that was attached to a vessel in the A-4 Anchorage that should not have been. HP searched the vessel per the owner’s request and then impounded the dinghy.

HP impounded a dinghy that was left unattended at the Shelter Island Launch ramp for violation of the time regulation.

HP responded to a north bay marina to investigate a subject needing assistance. The subject was taken to County Mental Health for an evaluation.

July 2

HP issued a citation to a boater in the A-1 Anchorage (La Playa Cove) for speeding and causing large wakes in a 5 MPH zone.

June 30

HP was dispatched to a large sailboat in the A-1 Anchorage (La Playa Cove) reported to be hitting numerous anchored vessels. HP located the sailboat and found that the operator was possibly intoxicated. HP towed the vessel out of the anchorage to safety and to its police dock. After an investigation, HP arrested the subject for boating under the influence and impounded his vessel. HP is conducting the investigation for the vessel collisions, where there was only minor property damage only.

June 28

HP was dispatched to the Chula Vista Marina to investigate a disturbance for a landlord dispute. HP found that one of the subjects has a felony warrant issued from another state and subsequently took the subject into custody.

HP responded to a hazard to navigation where a dinghy was found adrift near Buoy #28, near center SD Bay. The dinghy was impounded at the HPD Impound dock.

*”Rule 9 (Narrow channels) (a) A vessel proceeding along the course of a narrow channel or fairway shall keep as near to the outer limit or the channel or fairway which lies on her starboard side as is safe and practicable.” – Handbook of the Nautical Rules of the Road by Llana & Wisneskey:

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