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San Diego characters in politics and media

National City’s Herman Baca, radio’s Bill Balance, publisher Clint McKinnon, Otto Bos, Wolfman Jack, and Gloria Penner of KPBS

Some People in This Town Don't Like Herman Baca Baca's aptitude is in organizing his friends. At Sweetwater High School in the late Fifties, he was president of “Los Solteros” (“The Bachelors”), a club of ...

This year's coastal wildflower bloom is a fine one

Enjoy San Diego's spring bounty before May Gray and June Gloom set in

Bracken Ferns are rising on the higher mountains of San Diego County, their bright green, unfolding fronds (called “fiddleheads”) pushing up through the russet remains of last year’s growth. By late April or May, fully ...

OSH - another big box first for San Marcos

In competition with Lowe's and owned by Lowe's

San Marcos will soon be the first North County home to OSH – formally known as Orchard Supply Hardware. The 86-year-old boutique home center chain has been centered primarily in the Bay Area, with 91 ...

Supervisor embezzled to go to Super Bowl

Edward Abellana of San Diego's Argen Corp. sentenced to two years in hoosegow

Edward Abellana was accounts payable supervisor from 2011 to 2015 at Argen Corp., a San Diego metals company. He embezzled $1.9 million during the period he was overseeing credit card accounts, according to federal Judge ...

Mayoral whopper: "Hundreds of millions" will be lost if convention center not expanded

They all say the same thing

Mayor Kevin Faulconer sent an email yesterday (April 7) promoting his plan for a ballot measure that would raise tourist taxes to provide money for fixing the streets (long overdue) and expanding the convention center ...