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Musicians, hippies, and travelers in Ocean Beach

Waves crash behind them

For some travelers, hope is the worst drug out there.

Sixteen-year-old jazz drummer talks practice routine, future plans

Steele drums

Although 16-year-old percussionist Johnny Steele is a committed jazz head, he actually caught the drum bug when his dad took him to his first concert at the age of eight to see the Canadian prog-rock ...

A film that stands up well on any size screen

Digital restoration ensures enjoyability for years to come

Thanksgiving just passed and with it my favorite Thanksgiving-ish movies. Woody Allen’s Broadway Danny Rose is essentially a screwball comedy with mobsters, exquisitely filmed in black and white. Thanksgiving elements range from the ridiculous — ...

Rincon Band launches SR76 Beerworks at its casino

The house beer always wins

The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians has added a brewery component to its gambling interests. The sovereign tribe owns the Harrah's casino on its reservation near Valley Center, and on November 5th it opened a ...

Stock up on coconut for Miss B’s Caribe Welcome

A funny feast of coconut meat

Ask for the Caribe Welcome at Miss B’s Coconut Club and the bartender will whip and dump a creamy white concoction into a young shaved coconut with Miss B’s logo burnt into the glistening white ...

Sunday chow

Out of the rain in City Heights, scarfing two rambunctious tacos

"Sorry about your leader.” “Thank you. But it’s been a long time. Thirty years since I left.” Raul’s from Cuba. I want to ask what he feels about Fidel. But conversation drifts. We happen to ...

Second spouses network

Jim Madaffer’s conflict of interest

Jim Madaffer, who first linked up with second wife Robin a decade ago when he was a Republican member of the San Diego city council and she was a big-money city hall lobbyist, continues to ...

The perfect Christmas present for the avid film goer

We be jammin’

A few weeks ago, a story appeared on The Big Screen about a “critic” who couldn’t manage to make it through a screening without texting. It was greeted with a tidal wave of sympathetic comments ...

Josh Kmak on the mend

Garage-rocker reaches out in depression, finds salient support on social media

Josh Kmak says his commitment to making music both helped and hurt him through a very dark time. The multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter sits in occasionally with the Schizophonics and has played with the New Kinetics. He ...

God can be found in a gay bar as well

Pastor Dan Koeshall on preaching

Membership: 200 Pastor: Dan Koeshall Age: 56 Born: Pipestone, MN Formation: Evangel University, Springfield, MO; Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena Years Ordained: 25 San Diego Reader: What’s your favorite subject on which to preach? Pastor Dan ...

Tough times for bulldog lawyer Mary Frances Prevost

Bar suspends her for third time — personal vendetta?

Mary Frances Prevost (pronounced PRAY-vo), who describes herself on her website as "California's Top Criminal & DUI Attorney," has been suspended by the California Bar for the third time. She was suspended from law practice ...

The rebellion against clever baby names

What about Bob?

Dear DJ: Riddle me this, why must millennials or hipsters name their newborns Lorax, Fennel, Maverick, Jaxson, Skylar, etc? What happened to good ol’ Bob and Henry? You know, names of power. — Javier Zoquaipa ...

Yo-yo price on Rancho Santa Fe estate

A property so special that it gets its own name

Beds: 7 Baths: 10 Current Owners: Hugh III and Joy Bancroft List Price: $10,800,000 Marketing materials describe the Rancho Santa Fe estate at 6605 La Valle Plateada using the name Il Incanto, Italian for “the ...

Jump into a bag of humor and death

Eyes of My Mother is unnerving

First-time writer-director Nicolas Pesce’s The Eyes of My Mother feels unnervingly like a Diane Arbus photo that’s been stretched into a film. Which is to say, it’s unnerving, a shadowy black-and-white (well, black-and-gray) image of ...

Mike Spent feels fairly compensated

Punk lifer gives up the nuclear power trade and returns to the stage

“We started in 1979 in the garage, ended in 1982, reformed in 1992, disbanded in 1997, and reformed in 2002,” says Mike Sainz, aka Mike Spent of Carlsbad punk rockers Spent Idols. “Along the way, ...

Our beaches looked like the East Coast’s millions of years ago

Sandstone pinnacles and pockets guide your way to the crashing waves below

Established to protect the life forms found within it, the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve became an official state park in 1956. Found within its borders is the Torrey pine (Pinus torreyana), the rarest pine ...

Prayers for the Sioux

Cholo-goth singer Rafa Reyes visits Standing Rock

Prayers frontman Rafa Reyes was one of many musicians among the thousands protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline near Bismarck, North Dakota. “I didn’t tell anybody. I just woke up the day after Thanksgiving and took ...

Run with Santas this week

And see Liza Shlesinger, Wrex the Halls, and Gals & Monsters

Thursday | 8 Certified cicerone Erik Fowler and Brothers’ Provisions cheesemonger Kate will walk you through the expansive world of infused cheese. Get tips on pairing cheese and learn how to serve and set up ...

Only a Gen Xer can stop a hipster trend

But ... do they need to be stopped?

Dear Hipster: I was wondering if hipster things that become cool and mainstream are not cool anymore. For example, I noticed that the hipsters here used to wear a scarf. I am not talking a ...

Steel Wheels grind into town

Roots group rolls with the hype into Brick 15 Sunday night

Fiddle music played by four traveling Mennonites. Put it that way and you might think that the Steel Wheels would not be a band that could chart and get radio play after scoring accolades at ...

It costs a lot to drink sewer water

Pure Water project — aka toilet to tap — may top $3 billion

“Toilet to tap” minimal in its impact, maximum in its cost.

The train you are riding will only go forward

Two poems by Kai Carlson-Wee

Where the Feeling Deserts Us I wake somewhere on the outskirts of Portland. The crickets are singing. The train is refusing to breathe. Off in the distance a truck gears down on a service road ...

Douglas Manchester’s high-rise does not impress

Texas aesthetics

Sidewalk critics of ex–Union-Tribune publisher Douglas Manchester’s under-construction Austin, Texas, high-rise hotel, called the Fairmont Austin, have expressed disappointment with its increasingly frugal appearance, including what photos show to be a five-story featureless wall at ...

Let’s Invade Mexico! Outbreaks of Filibuster Fever: The Flamingo Filibuster

Part two of two

“The appetite grows with eating.” Many in the late 19th Century applied the French proverb to an insatiable urge to filibuster: to conquer foreign territories with private armies. If appetite grows, then Captain John H. ...

Jonny Lang, Jonny Richman, Shelters, and Wild Child the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 11Underground hip-hop hits Casbah Sunday night, when Doomtree’s Sims splits the spits with Chicago-based mash-up Air Credits (Hood Internet and ShowYouSuck)...Swedish new wavers the Sounds (think: Blondie) set up at House of Blues Sunday ...

Spits or Tijuana Panthers, Beck or Pere Ubu

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 8Tomas Kalnoky, the Czech-born Jersey boy who fronts the ska-punk collective Streetlight Manifesto, will take the all-ages Irenic stage as indie-folkie Toh Kay. The stripped-down trio is in the middle of its Return to ...

More on Trump ...

...and the people who love and hate him

Just Don’t Print ’em Okay, friends, it’s getting plain ugly. You’re printing letters from hate-trolls. Trump did not legitimize use of words like “jigaboo.” You just should not print letters from “name withheld.” That’s usually ...

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