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The confounding Brian Wilson

Beach Boy brings a big band and a big bag of hits to Humphreys by the Bay

So what if Brian Wilson took the stage 15 minutes earlier than scheduled? Or if he performed 50-year-old songs in their original key, even though some of the notes are by now a little out ...

Babylon by airbus

Carlsbad's airline takes its maiden flight to L.A.

With 20 people onboard, Carlsbad’s only airline took off on its maiden flight on June 18 for the 25-minute ride to LAX. Biz Air’s owner, Dan Cretsinger, along with head flight attendant Robin Rossi, welcomed ...

Beeramar's exhibit A

Alesmith hammers out a new scale of operation

Monday June 8th, AleSmith social media announced the opening of the Observation Room, a modest tasting room located at the front entrance of its new, even-bigger-than-it-sounds 105,000-square-foot headquarters. The low-key announcement belies the vastness of ...

That's one nasty rash, Clairemont

Door-to-door thieves and would-bes use the lost-dog ploy

Wednesday afternoon (June 17), several homes were broken into or targeted in the Clairemont area. Emma Erlich of West Clairemont warned her neighbors on that two teenagers hid in their bedroom on Mt. Carol ...

Tijuana’s Bresca

“We have to ship the BBQ sauce for the brisket from Texas”

The corner of 6th and Constitución is near the epicenter of Tijuana’s active nightlife. Eight years ago this corner hosted La Chupiteria, an after-hours bar frequented by foreigners and extreme partiers. The bar got shut ...

San Diego history

Julian mining shoot-out, Marilyn at the Hotel Del, Mission Valley murder, who caught San Diego's first wave, Miranda and Gaslamp, Copley Press

American Primitive A Julian shoot-out Memorial Day is the anniversary of a gold fields shootout [in 1989] known in the Julian back country as "The Chariot Canyon Massacre." Five men opened fire with assault rifle, ...

A lot of searching and a little catching

There was a dorado in the counts caught from a 3/4 day 6-pac and the tuna and 'tails are out there, but are not treating all boats equally. As the schools can move far in ...

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