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From up on the hill, the folks at Lake Cuyamaca would like all anglers that catch any carp to not return them to the water. The carp are not natural to the lake and can get overpopulated. Carp are known to eat the eggs and fry of the endemic species and can take over a fishery, given time. Those that enjoy bow-fishing for carp are invited up to the lake to try their skill and at the same time help reduce the numbers of the invasive fish.

Just off the coast in U.S. waters: Though the counts might not reflect it, there are schools of bluefin tuna within ten miles of Point Loma right now. Many fish have been spotted by recreational boaters and even one report of a whale-watch closing in on what they thought were feeding dolphin only to find tuna leaping out of the water. Some of these fish are up to and over 60 pounds! The bluefin tuna can be a picky biter and then turn on in force under the right conditions. Sometimes they get hungry at sunset when many of the local sportboats are already in and can also be a little boat-shy. With the upcoming moon-phase and water temp at 66 degrees, I expect to see the bluefin catch increase for the local fleet.

Sad news from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. On Friday, May 29, 47-year-old fisherman Randy Llanes died of injuries sustained when a swordfish speared him. Llanes spotted a swordfish that morning swimming in the harbor and got into the water with a speargun to take the fish. After he shot the 40-pound fish it got entangled in a mooring and in its frantic attempt to escape speared Mr Llanes in the chest. Medical personnel performed CPR and transported him to a local hospital where Llanes was pronounced dead. Captain Llanes was well-known and loved in the Hawaiian fishing community. Prayers to the family.

Here are the June 3 dock totals

30 anglers aboard the Chubasco II 1/2 day am run boated 3 whitefish, 1 sculpin, 15 rockfish and 55 calico bass. 45 of the bass were released.

The Dolphin 1/2 day am run with 11 anglers at the rail reported 25 rockfish, 2 sculpin and 1 sand bass caught.

2 bluefin tuna were caught aboard the Malihini 3/4 day offshore run with 28 anglers aboard.

24 anglers aboard the Premier 1/2 day morning run put 1 sculpin, 1 sand bass, 65 rockfish and 2 lingcod in the sacks.

31 rockfish and 10 mackerel were caught from the Fisherman III 1/2 day afternoon run by the 19 anglers aboard.

19 anglers aboard the Sea Trek caught 27 calico bass on their 3/4 day run out of Oceanside.

The Oceanside 95 overnight run with 31 anglers aboard called in with 128 yellowtail and 68 bonito in the hold.

The Daily Double took out 27 anglers between their am and pm 1/2 day trips for a total catch of 2 sculpin, 119 rockfish and 3 lingcod.

32 anglers aboard the New Seaforth 1/2 day morning run boated 12 rockfish, 2 lingcod and 16 calico bass, while their pm run with 37 anglers aboard returned to the dock with 1 lingcod and 64 calico bass in the sacks. There were another 140 calicos released for the day.

The Alexes 3/4 day run with 3 anglers at the rail reported 1 sculpin, 16 rockfish and 4 calico bass kept and 12 calico bass released.

The San Diego 3/4 day trip with 23 anglers aboard reported 1 yellowtail and 3 bluefin tuna caught.

24 anglers aboard the Apollo 2 day trip put 38 bluefin tuna and 7 yellowtail in the hold.

The Pacific Voyager out on a 3 day trip with 18 anglers aboard returned to the dock with a total catch of 14 yellowtail, 1 yellowfin tuna, 10 bonito and 19 bluefin tuna.

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