The Material’s debut EP Tomorrow, says front woman Colleen D’Agostino, “echoes back to what we have always been about as a band, sharing the sometimes harsh realities.”
  • The Material’s debut EP Tomorrow, says front woman Colleen D’Agostino, “echoes back to what we have always been about as a band, sharing the sometimes harsh realities.”
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The Material came together after frontwoman Colleen D’Agostino moved to the area to pursue a music degree at SDSU. Their original North Park–based lineup featured her and fellow SDSU student (and future husband) Jon Moreaux (guitar), with guitarist Roi Elam joining in time to play on their six-song debut EP Tomorrow. Drummer Kevin Pintado (who won the San Diego division of the 2007 Guitar Center Drum-Off) came aboard in 2010, while Jordan Meckley (their fifth bassist) joined in 2012.

They seem to be riding a tailwind of good fortune, landing music on MTV’s The Hills and in the Rock Band video game, playing the Vans Warped Tour and SXSW in Austin, and their song “What Happens Next” became the opening theme to the Australian reality-TV show Freshwater Blue. “In 2007 we won a trip to the TRL Studios in New York to play on MTV for the Dew Circuit Breakout,” recalls D’Agostino of their initial lucky break. “Our first CD had just come out, and we were such a new gave me the motivation and confidence to start really pursuing music as a career.”

Their new full-length, Everything I Want to Say, was produced by Kyle Black, known for his work with Paramore (a female-fronted band the Material is often compared to).

“New sounds aside,” says D’Agostino, “the album still echoes back to what we have always been about as a band: sharing the sometimes harsh realities with our listeners, but always with a silver lining.”


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Moreaux: “Nice to Meet You, by Mariah McManus. I love her voice, and it’s a nice change from all the rock I’m usually around.”

D’Agostino: “Pierce the Veil, Selfish Machines. Even though it’s not their latest work, something about this album gets us pumped before shows. Plus, we love to see a hard-working San Diego band doing big things.”

Pintado: “I don’t own a CD player, but the top five artists I’m listening to constantly are Meshuggah, Slipknot, blink 182, Dr. Dre, and Deftones.”

Elam: “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Heist. The song ‘Same Love’ made me respect this guy so much. The words ‘gay’ and ‘faggot’ are thrown around too often as slurs to define something unappealing. This song calls people out on it and makes a lot of valid points along the way.”

Meckley: “Circa Survive, Violent Waves. This record seems less commercial than their last, but it’s a great collection of ambient guitar and drum-and-bass grooves.”


Moreaux: “I spent almost $200 for dinner at Bertand at Mr. A’s downtown. We also took a trip on the Hornblower and stayed at the Sheraton on Harbor Island. It was all an attempt to impress Colleen. I didn’t realize at the time that she would’ve been happy with fish tacos from South Beach in O.B.”


Moreaux: “In high school, I used to walk around looking at the ground. My brother told me to walk with my head up. It changed my perspective on everything.”


Moreaux: “, for artsy inspiration.”

D’Agostino: “Yahoo for news, because I’m old school with a Yahoo account. Don’t judge!”

Pintado: “Facebook, Instagram,,, and YouTube.”

Elam: “Facebook, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Craigslist, and Tumblr.”


Moreaux: “Try to talk to animals.”

D’Agostino: “I’d probably start working for the CIA.”

Elam: “Call people out on what they’re really thinking.”

Meckley: “My brain would probably explode.”


Moreaux: “I met Maureen McCormick at Sweet Rose in Brentwood. We ate ice cream.”

Pintado: “I swear this happened. I was at Starbucks by my house, and I noticed a very good-looking female checking me out.... We both smiled, and then I realized the girl was Kristen Stewart. I had no idea she had the ability to smile.”


Moreaux: “I would make hunting for sport illegal.”

Pintado: “I hate that cops and the law don’t like skateboarders... Guess what, cops, we don’t like you either.”

Elam: “I would make all cities more bike-friendly.”


Moreaux: “That I’ve never told a lie.”

D’Agostino: “Sometimes I talk in a British accent, just for fun. Heads up, guys, I’m not British.”


Moreaux: “I used to work for Taylor Guitars in El Cajon, and now I play them onstage.”

D’Agostino: “I have an electronic project called With Beating Hearts, where I get to show the electro-pop side of myself.”

Pintado: “I’m 100 percent Mexican and damn proud of it. I also speak Spanish fluently, so if you’re talking shit in Spanish behind my back because I don’t look Mexican, get ready to have your butt handed to you.”

Meckley: “I had my first mohawk when I was nine, and my mom had to convince the elementary school to allow me to go to class like that every day.”

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Jay Allen Sanford June 26, 2013 @ 2:51 p.m.

Outtakes: WHAT’S YOUR POISON? Moreaux: “A good IPA.”

D’Agostino: “If we’re talking big girl drinks, then it’s always a Captain and Coke for me.”

Pintado: “Golden Road Hefeweizen.”

Elam: “Coffee and Scotch. Not together though, that would be gross.”

Meckley: “I’m a big craft beer guy.”

FIRST BOOK YOU REMEMBER READING? Moreaux: “Grendel by John Gardner was the first ‘real’ book that I read, probably because it contained curse words.”

D’Agostino: “Where the Wild Things Are. I don’t really think it had very much text, but I loved the pictures.”

Pintado: “Damn, I’m not really a reader, to be honest.”

Elam: “Where The Red Fern Grows. I remember loving that book as a kid.”

Meckley: “So many Goosebumps books. People close to my age know exactly what I’m talking about.”

WHO SHOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE? Moreaux: “Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.”

D’Agostino: “Noomi Rapace from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She seems like a badass.”

Pintado: “Jim Carrey. He’s my spirit animal.”

Elam: “Johnny Depp. We don't really look alike, but I think he would make me seem more awesome than I actually am.”

Meckley: “Ever imagined Ryan Gosling with a mohawk and tattoos? Yeah, me either. But it could work.”


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