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Rabbit rescue at Lake Murray

Three young captured, two adults still at large

At 10 a.m. on December 27, Chris and Dave, two Lake Murray runners, discovered five tame, domesticated rabbits wandering around the edge of the service road near the 2 ¼ mile marker of the trail. ...

Author & Punisher to premiere voice-modulating masks at Soda Bar

“Yeah, the music is dark. It’s what comes out, but it’s kind of heartfelt. But some people think it sounds like nightmares.” Music from one of Dante’s seven circles of hell: ex-metal guitarist Tristan Shone, ...

Wild, traditional Faroe Islands

This Nordic island chain spurs the visitor's imagination.

Most Americans probably don’t know where the Faroe Islands are. They’re a small island chain between Iceland and Scotland, speaking a language derived from Old Norse and Western Norwegian dialects. If anyone's heard of the ...

Top 13 food/drink stories of 2013

Good imbibations

1 ) Early Look: Ballast Point in Little Italy — Bursting-at-the-seams company’s new brewery-restaurant 2 ) URBN and co. taking over El Cajon Brewing Co. — East County brewpub reopening under coal-fired pizza giant and ...

Paddle-out for Loren Nancarrow

“He taught us to accept the end with dignity and grace.”

I first met newscaster Loren Nancarrow in the early 1980s. I was a community activist in Encinitas, helping our unincorporated communities advance toward cityhood. When he would show up to one of our press conferences ...

Almost hog wild

Ed doesn’t pig out too much at Doña Tina’s kitchen

Hoo-wee! Zingy, but tasty. And this little pot of fire is a meal in itself.

ProSound: unplugged

“Carlos Santana picked up an unplugged electric guitar I had here in the office and he played three notes.” Michael Krewitsky sits in what used to be the mixing studio at ProSound in Mission Valley, ...

Kick out the jams

The Casbah is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month with a slate of local-centric reunions and all-star jams, and it’s hard to pick just one night worth showcasing. For my money, the January 17 Penetrators ...

The theater year in review

We no longer need Broadway to validate our treasures.

For musicals, San Diego must be World Premiere Central. We see all kinds, in varying stages, and send two or three to Broadway each year. But once in a blue moon, one’s produced here that’s ...

Hard truths

Barb is told she needs more vacations.

The nervousness I felt was rote — anxiety is my body’s automatic response when I’m awaiting test results of any kind, be they medical or scholastic. This one was called a “personality assessment.” It was ...

The freeway struggle from Fallbrook – why migrants want that legal status

Slog for a green card

In California, legal noncitizens are 10 percent of the population.

A few blocks from the bay

This one comes with the Point Loma Hope Garden.

Current owner: Sharon Zell Listing Price: $5,000,000 Beds: 5 Baths: 7 This week’s estate is perched atop a hill, just a few blocks from the San Diego Bay in the Point Loma neighborhood of La ...

False source of $37,000 to Lincoln Club and GOP revealed

Real donor is Stuck in the Rough, owner of Escondido Country Club

Touchstone Golf — an Austin, Texas-based golf course management company that according to Republican party and Lincoln Club disclosure filings has been delivering some big San Diego political money of late —has denied that it ...

San Diego’s 2014 economy looking so-so

Sorta Happy New Year

San Diego economy this year will be weak, very much like last year.

Missing in the ranks

One big name in local charity salaries was missing from a list of nonprofit chief executives paid more than $200,000, compiled recently by U-T San Diego. Hugh M. Davies, CEO and the David C. Copley ...

Holiday cheers and jeers

Demonized Unions With reference to the December 19 cover story, “We’re Constantly in Fear,” I am fully aware of the disparity in the treatment of adjunct and tenured faculty. You see, I was a tenured ...