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Election day in Tijuana brings irregularities

Molotov cocktail, for example

A hurled Molotov cocktail, a hijacked box of votes, and three individuals posing as journalists while doing some last-minute stumping for their party were reported as the most egregious examples of voting irregularities on election ...

Meet Urban Jungle Brewing Co.

Engineer/brewer duo signs lease on Scripps Ranch business suite

Sometimes new breweries pop-up out of thin air, coming online within weeks of me finding out about them. Then, there are the operations that stay on my lead list for a lengthy period before being ...

Brews Up #SummerSeries

Six-week of suds competition leading up to SD's first floating beer festival

Local craft beer conviviality consortium Brews Up’s message to San Diego suds fan this summer is “riddle me this.” The organization, whose mission it is to unite artisanal beer fans whiles also shepherding macrobeer drinkers ...

Imperial Beach surfers stage floating fireworks display

A mild protest against city’s fiscal mismanagement

Surfers in Imperial Beach created a seaborne bonfire on July 4 in protest of the city’s decision to not participate in the Big Bay Boom fireworks show. Calling their event “Light the Sea in IB,” ...

Border-crossing projects at San Ysidro and Tijuana

Widened road, new building

Border construction projects by the governments of the U.S. and Mexico were advancing at a rapid clip through the month of June. On the U.S. side, in San Ysidro, the three-story superstructure of the new ...

Swordsman gets crowned in Coronado

Actually, it's not Coronado, it's the kingdom of Terre Neuve, thank you

It was all hack and slash in Spreckels Park over the 4th of July long weekend. Sir Clevwen Bardic and Sir Callon Bryn Corey saluted, then they started hacking away at each other with, well, ...

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