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A man who testified that he narrowly survived a bullet whizzing past his ear during a marijuana-purchase-gone-bad three years ago, was in court again this morning.

Jeremiah Joseph Bradtke, 35, was sentenced today to 3 years formal probation, after he admitted possession of marijuana for sale. Bradtke pleaded guilty to the felony charge three months ago. It was November of 2012 when drug enforcement agents reportedly observed Bradtke’s activites at a residence in Carlsbad, during a suspected drug deal.

The prior drug-sale-with-bullets, which allegedly happened three years ago, was at Bradtke’s residence in Vista California, according to his own testimony. In that case, Bradtke said he met a man in his home on Buena Vista Drive and agreed to sell him three pounds of Kush marijuana. After they smoked “samples” for an hour, the supposed buyer pointed a .27 semi-automatic Glock handgun at Bradtke’s head, but missed the shot, the alleged victim testified. That encounter resulted in attempted murder charges filed against Phillip Miller, his case has not yet gone to trial in San Diego’s North County Superior Court. The alleged shooting occurred in April 2010 and alleged-victim Jeremiah Bradtke testified at a preliminary hearing in March 2011.

A probation report for Jeremiah Joseph Bradtke stated that he has a 2005 felony conviction in Illinois for “cannabis trafficking” and he was sentenced to four years prison. Bradtke was released from prison in 2007 and “discharged” from parole in 2009.

In the current marijuana trafficking case, the probation report noted “planning, sophistication and professionalism and a substantial amount of contraband.” The report also stated: “It appears that Mr. Bradtke did not learn his lesson from the previously imposed incarceration and chose to engage in the same type of criminal activity.”

Jeremiah Joseph Bradtke listed an address on Lexington Drive in Geneva, Illinois as his home, to the probation officer. Judge Kathleen Lewis gave Bradtke the option of transferring his jurisdiction to Illinois.

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Kev162 July 20, 2013 @ 9:48 a.m.

Hi Eva,

  I have noticed that you have written several articles this year about these 2 men. I was wondering if you had any details about the other 2 co-defendants? What was the outcome of their cases. I especially enjoyed the article in January that was the cover story if I'm not mistaken.

I don't live in California, but I was wondering if this was pretty standard punishment for somebody with these types of charges. I mean, probation for an already convicted trafficker? It almost seems like his punishments become less severe the more he gets in trouble. I don't see how thats possible. Your cover story about this guy seemed like he glamorized his lifestyle and doesnt care if he gets caught. I mean bringing strangers into your home for a purpose such as that is ridiculous. They could of been working with law enforcement just as easily. They just happened to shoot at him instead.

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