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Salute From Sweden

Thank you for bringing the Royal Rife story up to the media surface (“Royal Raymond Rife: Into the Micro-Beyond,” “Unforgettable,” February 16). Mankind needs his discoveries to be developed and available again.

Nils Stavlid, Ph.D.
Uppsala, Sweden

Beep, Click, Get Lucky

I am looking at the Matthew Alice column in the February 16 Reader. Somebody wrote in that was complaining about getting odd, distracting, disruptive phone calls from advertisers all hours of the day. I have had an answering machine for at least 32 years, and I very rarely get any kind of calls like that. These things he calls “robocalls” — I get those once in a while from politicians, and I’ve gotten them once or twice from some nonprofit religious outfit — the reason they first got my phone number was I bought a book from them. Other than that, maybe I’m just lucky. A lot of times the phone will ring, my announcement will come on asking somebody to please leave a message, and the answering machine goes beep, and then I hear a click — somebody hangs up. So, a lot of times, I probably staved off some annoying advertising calls by having an answering machine.

 Matthew Alice said they don’t work and a lot of these robocallers prefer answering machines. Maybe we’re just lucky. It works for us. So, Matthew may be right, maybe we’re just lucky, I don’t know.

Anyway, that’s all I had to say. So, thanks a lot, Matthew, for keeping us all informed of things. Somebody in this week’s Reader wrote in and said he thought that it was a different person writing the Matthew Alice column (Letters, February 16). I have no idea, but I like the column. I miss it in weeks it doesn’t run.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

As Good As The Comics

Your “Citizen Pot Bust” article, I found it really good (Cover Story, February 9). And what’s really, really funny is, I had the choice to read that article. ’Cause I was reading the comics in this week’s Reader, and I found it highly amusing that there were people actually trashing you. Well, guess what, people? You don’t like what you’re reading, put it down.

Keep up the good work.

Snow Bear
via voice mail

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jawnwise Feb. 23, 2012 @ 2:10 p.m.

In reply to the comment by Ted Rodosovich (Letters February 15), you rest your case? Sir, you never made a case! The original article Teachers or Preachers was about students rating their instructors as Teachers presenting factual information, or as Preachers merely attempting to indoctrinate with opinion and rhetoric. I submit that you are the one guilty of posting a non-sequitur reply. Please pay better attention to the subject matter.


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