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Although we supplied Mr. Sanford with highlights of the appraisals featured on the San Diego Roadshow episodes, it’s clear he had no interest in fact-checking his story with us. He reported Mr. Dimock’s inaccuracies as fact, without consulting us. Mr. Dimock is perfectly entitled to share his personal experience of attending Roadshow, and we regret he didn’t have a better time. But he oversteps when he “explains” how it all works, including the implication that Antiques Roadshow appraisers are somehow on the take. And I would hardly call the experts who participate with Roadshow “volunteers.” Perhaps Mr. Dimock has confused our dedicated repertory company of appraisers with the 100-plus community volunteers who help at each event. Those good folks are critical to the production, but they don’t do any appraising.

I suppose Mr. Sanford thought you could win more readers with vinegar. Antiques Roadshow gets its share of criticism from our viewers too. But we have hosted more than 500,000 event guests, have an audience of more than 9 million viewers a week (not Mr. Dimock’s 11 million), and have a Facebook following of more than 130,000 fans. It might be interesting to know why Antiques Roadshow has been PBS’s most-watched series for 14 years rather than why a collectibles dealer who couldn’t make it onto national TV blames everyone else for his failure.

Judy Matthews
Senior Account Executive
Antiques Roadshow

Jay Allen Sanford replies: Duane Dimock is not a Reader employee. As mentioned in the article, the memorabilia dealer cowrote a book called The Monkees Scrapbook; this led to his cowriting a 2008 Monkees article for the Reader, and he was briefly quoted about John Lennon collectibles in a 2005 article. The Reader’s website template is set up so that all contributors are searchable under “staff,” though many like Mr. Dimock may have been only peripherally involved with the paper once or twice.

Shocking, Offensive

I wanted to comment on your story “I Live in Linda Vista” (Feature Story, January 20). Being the descendant of victims of the Holocaust, I don’t find it funny, and I’m shocked. This isn’t something that I would normally do, pick up the phone and call someone regarding an article. There’s a picture of Hitler with bunny ears. The author is referring to his landlord as Hitler, referencing the Third Reich. I find it so offensive. “Holocaust” means “death by fire.” The author having problems with his landlord and his pool has nothing to do with the Holocaust. It’s ignorant of him. And if I were the person that he’s calling Hitler, I would sue the Reader. So, you know, I think it’s really, really offensive, and I’m pretty much shocked that you printed it.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

Maybe You Should Move

Although I do not write in to publications, I felt it necessary to do so after reading “I Live in Linda Vista” by Kevin Six (Feature Story, January 20).

I find it to be insensitive and irresponsible for the Reader to not only publish but reward the author who made associations to Nazi Germany, Hitler, and the Third Reich.


Was Kevin taken forcefully against his will, separated from family and loved ones, beaten, maimed, tortured, used as a human experiment, and left to die?

Not even!

His comparisons are outrageous! If he has such an issue, he should do the Village Woods a favor by simply finding another place to live. Oh, and pay his dues like a responsible individual.

Just saying…

Name Withheld

Two Loves

I enjoyed the story “Our Ice Pops Will Melt Away” (“City Lights,” January 6), but Elizabeth Salaam is incorrect in calling the pushcarts paleteras. The correct name is paleteros. Paleteras are stores or locations where paletas are made. I, too, come from Mexico, but I do not agree with paleteros that there should be no accountability of product and services. I feel for them, but there must be respect for the law. I am both American and Mexican, two loves.

Pablo Aldaz
via email

Poem Clipper

I would like to express my appreciation for the poetry, which I look for every week. I’ve been cutting the poems out for years, and I decided it would be a good idea to thank you. Some of it is very, very impressive, and I enjoy it very much.

Barbara Schell
via voice mail

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