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Isle of Eigg, Scotland

For a month-long visit to Scotland, I decided to hunker down in just one spot – on the remote and rarely visited Isle of Eigg. At twelve square miles and with a community of just ...

Columbus, Ohio: The New Foodie Mecca

I didn’t know until I stepped foot in Columbus, Ohio, that it had become a foodie mecca. Sure, I knew they’re near some of the most valued farmland in the US. But I didn’t realize ...

Sailing on the Bay

“Take it off!” shouted the salty ex-marine at the bow of the boat. “Take it off!” “What the hell is he talking about? Are we all supposed to strip?” I asked Lou, who was manning ...

Green Island, Taiwan

I never really understood why the Portuguese referred to Taiwan as Formosa, or “beautiful island.” The pollution, traffic and combined chaotic mess of Taipei and Taichung make you easily forget that Taiwan is, in fact, ...

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