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At Times It Was Like Shared Music, at Times Like a Skin Graft or Root Canal — Stephen Dobyns

I do at a coffin sale — Dorothy Stewart

A Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cake Comes to Mind — Tim Brookes

Steered Back to Mary — Ernie Grimm

Before PETA Protests — Dodie Bellamy

Hitler Loved Him — Don Bauder

Serial Marrier — Jim Morris

Loops Like Pillows — Deirdre Lickona

She Wouldn't Crawl on Her Belly for a Monk — Bill Manson

By the Tips of Her Red Leather Boots — Rebecca Wilson

A Look That Could Banish Shadows -- Jeff Smith

Do I Look Like I Have Original Sin to You? — Geoff Bouvier

A Song with the Word Love in It — Mary Grimm

When a Man Loves a Man, Why Not Hire a Preacher? — Garth Bixler

King Kong Meets Godzilla — Naomi Wise

A Road Trip with Nuptials — Robert Nutting

What about the IUD? — John Brizzolara

Two Guys in a Room — Matthew Lickona

Poodle in a Backpack — Alice G.

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